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  1. The tea that the English people drink Every morning is also made by China !

    Tea is more dangerous than the F-35 because we drink it with water.

  2. I used to play hockey in Russia and the thing I remember the most when I used to play hockey in Russia is how they used to lockup radio host if they lied about the weather if the radio host said it's going to be a beautiful sunny day and then it start raining they went to pick up the radio host and they lock them up in jail I don't know if they kept them for a week for a month for a year I have no idea what if you lied on the radio you went to jail and now Russia as a media that twist the truth and lie and they getting all those hits damn Russia change

  3. you twist the truth you change the facts if a chinese company makes tires there's no intellectual in the part it's not like the part the manufacturing will have an intellectual roll you comparing a part with a cell phone that could be used to data banking data if this is your media has angle sensationalism agitator you very good

  4. American army and its supporters are getting what is deserved. Hopefully America shall burn more then it already is. Oh great Canada my beautiful country I hope we don’t support America.

  5. My understanding is that China's Exception PCB is making bare printed circuit boards without any chips mounted on them. These can be re-sourced from a number of other companies….and probably will be re-sourced. It is in no way analogous to the Huawei situation.

  6. Nice thing about the F-35 is that when China copies it – they sure have no clue about fixing the glitches.
    Hauwei won't be setting the 5G Standards in design so their market will be limited and not Global. But they can copy the Western free world 5G Standards in system design.

  7. Fake news. Just because a part in a machine is made in ___ country doesn’t make the machine from there. This vids a joke.

  8. This is exactly the type of thing that Bernie has been saying for years.
    Almost as bad as Iran taking control of drones using code obtained from U.S. cyber attack on Irans energy industry.

  9. spying allegations???
    china did spy THE END

    So what??? if you buy capacitors from china and put it on a f35????wht is the problem with that???
    SR 71 was made with russian help:) The titanium to make the plane came from russia 🙂

    Russian morons dont know it but i will bet you that some of the tanks Nato puts in there military equipmant comes from Russia:)

    Russian enemies create 65% of russian GDP:)

    Say thank you ruskies:)

  10. You should probably update your story as Turkey disqualified itself from the F-35 program. Supporting the THUG-ruSSiyan regime by buying it weapons does have consequences.

  11. Ohh geez. Dont you know guys everything today is Made in China. To be honest Im not surprised. And I will not be surprised either if China will one day say they designed the F-35.

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