5 Coolest Virtual Reality Gadgets You Must Have

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    Do not trust any item you see on this channel. They are con artist and can not be trusted. They constantly show and try to get your attention by showing object not in video. A company like this will do anything to fool you and you can not trusted. Any manufacturer with a bad or seriously flawed product can use this dishonest sight. Buyers beware. Fraud sight means fraud products. If you don't believe look for reclining video chair video with no chair.

  2. Wireless virtual reality headsets should be the the number one thing companies should be focusing on. Its really immersion breaking feeling a wire brush up against you or even possibly tripping on it since you cant see it.

  3. training you to kill and think:" It´s fun" so they can send you to war thinking "it´s cool" and even if you survive war you die. Look at how the soldiers come back and THINK!

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