IGN Reviews – F1 2011 PS Vita – Game Review

IGN Editor Luke Reilly from the UK team reviews the new Formula One racing game “F1 2011” on PS Vita. Does Codemasters’ latest F1 game take the portable …


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  1. One of the mos accurate reviews on IGN so far. Been a gamer for over 20 years and the best F1 game I've played so far is without a doubt F1 97 from Psygnosis Studio to the old PSOne. Evolution is not always good.

  2. Kind of stupid that PS Vita and most hand held gaming systems don't have the axis and triggers that the normal consoles do.  How hard would it be to put this on a hand held?  Games like this NEED triggers that are variant and pressure sensitive.

  3. I wonder if f1 2014 will come to ps vita and hope they can inprove the game such as using the rear touchpad for gear up and gear down so that it can almost simulate the geaeing system on the steering wheel of a real f1 racing car

  4. To anyone thinking about getting this and being put off by people saying it looks bad, don't listen to them.. If you like F1 racing or racing in general give it a try especially if you can get it cheap. It plays really well and it doesn't look that bad really.. They could do a lot better graphically but its smooth and plays well and looks good enough.

  5. I couldn't agree more, just as long as they make it like the console version and don't fuck it up like Cod on the Vita 😛

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