AKG K702 Review: Comfy Headphones!

AKG K7XX: Studio monitors with a dab of red/black. AKG K702: http://amzn.to/20D0KaT Massdrop Edition: http://dro.ps/mkbhd-k7xx Open Back Headphones …


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  1. Can someone tell me if i could use this with xonar dg soundcard by setting it to >64ohms headphone mode? Or an amp is necessary?

  2. At this level of performance, what you connect your headphones to will just as important as the headphones themselves. If you connect any of these headphones to less than studio/audiophile grade electronics, you will not be able to compare headphones at all. That HF brightness you hear could be coming from amplifier distortion, digital hash, poor recording or other HF issues in the upstream electronics. The same goes for complaints about the bass. AKG and some of the better review sites have published actual frequency response curves for the various headphones in this lineup. The flattest overall response belongs to the original K701/K702 models. The Quincy Jones model added a bit of extra bass for warmth. The K712 (made in Slovakia) improved upon today's K702 (made in China). The original K701/K702 models were made in Austria with an MSRP of about $500.00 and represent the very best quality offered in this line of headphones.

    AKG had to compete with cheaper mass market brands and had to compromise. AKG also has to market to young people who seem to prefer more bass to better bass, and who don't seem to understand that these headphones are not a good match for the output of a smartphone. They all really need to be connected to a high performance amp with a good beefy power supply, otherwise the bass tends to be muddy and the highs will be harsh and strident. The original model K701/702 headphones are especially critical of amplifiers and upstream equipment. The K7XX Massdrop were designed to work for younger people who want to use the headphones with smart phones or other less than high performance electronics.

    The difference in sound quality between a smartphone (not so good), good computer (barely acceptable), and a top notch reference DAC headphone amp (best) is astounding. On a grace M series, a Benchmark reference DAC headphone amplifier or equivalent electronics, most recording engineers and audiophiles will prefer the flat response of the original made in Austria K701/K702 models or the new K712pro model. With such electronics one does not need artificially hyped bass or tamed highs to make up for upstream deficiencies. The bass on the original K701/K702 headphones will sound tight, tuneful, accurate, and flat down to the lowest reaches of the pipe organ. The midrange will sound lush and beautiful and the highs will be bang on accurate without calling attention to themselves. The entire range will sound as an organic whole without differentiating between ranges but rather reproducing instruments, voices, sound effects, and natural sounds as they do in real life. The owner of the headphones must spend some money on a good source and amplifier to achieve this level of performance.

  3. With proper amplification, they never sound boring. They have nice subbass and very articulate mids and highs. Much better for music than any other pair I have tried.

  4. I just ordered these to be a side by side comp for my Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro's. These AKG's look beautiful, I can't wait to get them and test them out. Great review.

  5. AKG's Austria headquarters will be shut down by June 2017 after almost 70 years. Many people said that AKG's consumer products dropped in quality after production moved to China in 2009. Now the pro line (including favorites like the K700 headphones) might do the same. Fucking Harman!!!

  6. AKG headphones tend to have a more neutral sound. Not very bassy but still great headphones. I'd go with Beyerdynamic if you want more bass and in general like to listen to music loudly. For instance the DT 990 Pro.

  7. They aren't connected to an amp? Folks you're gonna need an amp for these headphones, they're not that easy to drive.

  8. Am i the only retard who bought a white one, thought the thin white plastic on the side of the head band was a protective covering then ripped it of only to realise it was part of the fucking design, fml fucking ruined my headset. Anyone know how i could fix it??

  9. if they are sounding flat to you, then you definitely need a amp. because I can guarantee that your computers' sound card doesn't push these headphones to the limit

  10. The only issues i have with them: lead plastic is cracking with time and can break like mine did, cables inside can snap in solder point, i did have to solder them back and replace in the end. Main cable get stiff when touching it, absorbs salt from skin. If you want get more bass, unlock bassport inside, i also removed foam from closing caps.

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