BITCOIN BLOWING past $7,000, Goldman Sachs Crypto Interest, Litecoin News, Basic Attention Token

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Keep an eye out for August 10th! That’ll be a big day for Bitcoin from CryptoCurrency

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  1. What's up TYLER??!! I see a ton of movement in the crypto realm. It's nice to see your true followers are still with you. You have phenomenal content that adds value for us. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I have missed a few of your videos but I am catching up.

    What is your take on DIGIBYTE current popularity?

  2. Thanks for what you do Tyler. I basically just keep up with you & Dan. You guys are awesome! In my opinion you & Dan are the most informative people to watch. Thanks again

  3. In England, whenever a football team says they are going to stick with the current manager, the manager usually gets sacked a week later.

    Black rock says they're not interested. I say bullshit. Fink dismissing this is a very very poor smoke screen.

  4. Hey Tyler, Alessio Rastani gave an explanation of btc going up like it did. A short squeeze. Do you know him? Interesting guy to follow on YouTube.

  5. Tyler s what is up? Great informative video bruh very nicely executed!! Amazing news and hopefully this will make crypto world take in the cash!! Be well and chat soon!!

  6. I hate being this negative but if institutional investors are telling the public they are looking into buying then they are probably selling. They won’t put massive money into crypto until its as regulated as possible because they control the regulators. This is why they have so much money from a rigged system. Decentralized crypto currencies exactly like bitcoin will solve this rigged financial system and thats why they always say we like “blockchain” not bitcoin because they can control a blockchain they create. Like I said I dont like being this negative but thats how those institutions work and the reason I like decentralized crypto like bitcoin. Those institutions are only there to help themselves and make us broke but I still understand this is news and you need to cover it, just be careful everyone..

  7. Screw BlackRock.
    Great point on the youth interest in Bitcoin. When the current teenagers reach their 20's-30's of course they will want some crypto in their portfolio. They came of age WITH bitcoin, after all.

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