Bitcoin Ban & Price Bottom – Big Bank Crypto Clash – BTC & Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – congressman calls for btc ban, big crypto player calls Bitcoin bottom, big banks back and forth on the crypto, Swticheo and Ledger team up and much more.

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US House Hearing

Congressional Hearing Tone

Bitcoin Not Real

Crypto Money Laundering

Stay Away Youngsters

Ban Bitcoin

Congress Corrupt

South Korea


Russia: Bitcoin Owners and Miners Will Not Face ‘Separate’ Tax Laws



Bitcoin Ransomware



Bitcoin Bottom

NEO Ledger


aelf Names Republic as First Official Funding Partner of Expert Innovation Alliance



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  1. Mr Lark what do we need to do for the Market to hit and stay over the 3''s. look up Commonwealth Bank Australia for money laundering they perfected it as found out by a Royal Commision. Cheeky monkey's & other bad words like that.

  2. I wish you could be a host on CNBC or any major tv channel and/or have a live debate with any of those financial sophisticated heads, that would be a great show how much they would be submerged on their on shit

  3. I'm sad that my government is stupid and corrupt but I have faith that cryptocurrencies will prevail here eventually regardless.

  4. Gamechanger from Mastercard……..the great thing about this move is that all the other cards have to react or risk being the Atari of the point of sale world

  5. Next year we hope to buy a house and some land in Wales. I have been thinking of some exciting ideas about what projects to launch when we get there. My first thought was that I would love to run a crypto Festival. Not just a crypto Meetup, but an actual festival…a celebration, an expansive glimpse into this exciting Revolution. I would particularly like it to Focus around world enhancing projects such as green energy ( all this is very big in Wales) but also to really help the Welsh people to understand the true Revolution that cryptocurrency is. So naturally I thought of you as lead presenter. Not only would the audience love you, but I can easily imagine you sitting around the campfire in the evening laughing and talking crypto with the young, Welsh cyber-hippies. This project is only in my imagination for now, but I thought I would just put it out there anyway. ❤

  6. You might face risk investing in bitcoin, but you're guaranteed to lose value holding fiat. Now I really want to buy more BTC. Every time they ban something it sky rockets in value.

  7. Good news about the Ledger Wallet developments – I think we are all looking forward to easier crypto management! Thanks for sharing your energy and insights – always a pleasure. ?

  8. Those wallstreet dinos are just afraid of how they're slowly but surely losing their control over the economy. Sadly they're just delaying progress

  9. Only concern is them trying to con the masses with trigger words to bend for the wealthy so they have no exposure. They are manipulating it until someone pushes their agenda. Fuck institutional investors. I'm good waiting years for my money.

  10. The american government would feel like an ass in a couple of years, when they realize, it would be to late an most of the other countries would already be far into the movement.

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