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  1. Sure because Disney studios is gonna take advice from IGN?! Lmao The films shouldn’t even be happening and Guy Richie should be ashamed of making this garbage.

  2. We already have a second best Genie. In Return of Jafar, the saturday morning cartoon, and Kingdom Hearts, Genie was actually played by the voice of Homer Simpson. Idk why they just didn't rehire him, he did fine.

  3. I disagree with this, they should have made genie completely CG instead of being modeled after someone and will smith just do the voice, I still think Kevin Hart would have made a better Genie

  4. Some people are already hating this movie and it hasn't even come out yet. I'm exited for this movie. Will Smith as the Genie will be something interesting to see, the CGI does look bad, but they might not be finished yet.

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