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IGN gives its video review of the new game Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. Can Ace Combat return to intense action and dog fighting glory? IGN’s YouTube is just …


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  1. Ok, just my opinion. compared to previous installments, this isn't that great. I played the demo for a while and I just couldn't get used to the feel of the handling (if that makes sense). I guess what I'm trying to say is that, it feels too arcade-ish. I was disappointed after playing it, but like several reviews have mentioned, simply put, its aimed at a new crowd of people. As for us "vets" who are familiar with the series, we can agree that Bandai-Namco lost touch with this one and we can only hope that they return to what it once was. Not horrible, but just not as good as previous titles. Again, just my opinion.

  2. Played AC since it was called Air Combat . Got this for PC and getting bored after 5 missions . The Gunship and Helicopter missions suck and are riddiculus for my taste. Enemies just pop in the view from nowhere  and you can't shot them when they are not active. It Feels like the game is too Scripted.

    Like one mission where was a dog fight i thought . Wow this is great . Got shot down and started it again . And the canyon chace basicly scripted the same event.

    If they left only the planes and focused on making those missions more interesting I would like that game more.

  3. I facepalmed when he implied the storyline of previous AC games being ridiculous. Did he just compare Top Gun pilots to AC pilots? ANY Belkan fighter pilot could mop the floor with maverick and goose with their eyes shut. AH isn't bad but isn't as good as previous ACs.

  4. i disliked it at first, hated the dogfight fight thing, but after playing it for like 2 hours, i loved it, its not my favorite ace combat game, but its still worth your time, and the visuals are great……..now about the dogfight thing: i was so pissed off that the enemies were too hard to takedown that the only way is the dogfight feature,, but after alot of time playing it, i actually started to like it, alough i like normal fighting better. and this comes from a guy who played 6 ace combat games including the days  when the playstation 1 was the greatest thing ever.

  5. As a collector of games, I never rent. I watch trailer, talk to friends, and I buy a game, play it to completion, and keep it forever. My collection is about 55 or so. (Not all that hardcore about gaming if you're wondering why its not a larger collection.) That being said, Assault Horizon was the first game I ever hated so rigorously that I got rid of it. I'm not saying that as a die hard fan of the older games. Yes, Shattered Skies, The Unsung War, and The Fires of Liberation, all had basically the same stuff. Start out a nobody, become the stuff of legends, blow up an impossibly large air craft or "invincible" squadron or "invincible" fleet. Always fly into a tunnel at some point. Always blow up a weapon designed to destroy asteroids to streamlined opera music. Sure. But the gameplay was still fun because you had complete control of the aircraft, and it was all on you to shoot, and fly. Assault Horizon took that freedom away with the dogfight garbage where you just kinda recommend where you would like the plane to go but it otherwise does its own thing and you just pluck planes out of the air in a cinematic. EHFF this game right in the face. So hardcore. Epic hate. 

  6. Coming from someone who's a huge fan of the older games, I thought this one was okay. The game was meant to be an experiment and although it failed, it was a good attempt.

  7. I think the way to make a fighter pilot game like ace combat more exciting and way more fun is to combine it with and/or incorporate a third person shooter or spy part to the game.  The cut scenes are boring, and I don't think you can even interact with the other characters via your controller.  I mean if they make the game start out where you are hunting a terrorist organization on the ground in a 3rd person gameplay, with the mission of taking out their installations, that (3rd person gameplay) would be a serious element to the game and take out the boringness.  Then they find you, and you have to fight your way out by getting to a jeep to race to your chopper to get out of enemy territory.  While they are chasing you the gameplay shifts where you have to dodge the bullets they are firing upon you from behind in their jeeps.  After you managed to cause them to crash you safely make it to your chopper, but one of the enemy soldiers notices the chopper and radios to their base about you trying to get away via a chopper.  The main headquarters then scrambles their choppers to pursue you, and now you have to fight them in a chopper battle in the air, just like ace combat. 

    The chopper is just one of several different types of aircrafts that are in the game that will be used by the gamer, but another mission could have you on a carrier in the middle of the ocean, where you are given your orders, and take off in a stealth fighter jet or modified harrier which has silent and stealth capabilities; heading to enemy territory.  But before you get there you spot enemy planes, who have also spotted you, and a dogfight ensues, just like in ace combat.  After taking them out you finally arrive at an airport 25 to 50 miles away from the target.  From there you are driven within 2 miles from the target, where you now have to go on foot to engage the enemy soldiers via 3rd person gameplay.  The mission goal there could be to save a very important person, or to capture someone etc.  That's just a few, but I think you guys know what I mean. 

    They should also allow character customization where you can change the main character's race and skin color just like they allow you to do in mass effect. 

    SIDE NOTE: The customization feature not only adds to the fun for the gamer, but is huge financially for the game maker.  That character customization feature is the ONLY reason why I bought mass effect (and I still play the game because it is fun), and I know I wasn't the only one who bought the game just because of that feature.  While the graphics and gameplay had to be excellent for me to buy it, I was not going to get the game, if not for the ability to change shepard's race and/or skin color… 

    Also incorporate into the game the main character achieving a love interest.  His love interest could be with a woman who is a soldier of any of the opposing solders, who has grown disillusioned by the horrible goals of her side, feels regret and sorrow for being with them for as long as she was, and now honestly wants to stop them.  The game could also have you choose between 2 love interests or even 3…the same lady soldier I just mentioned who you obviously meet while on a mission, or choose a woman waiting for you back home who is the daughter of a US politician.  You should also be allowed to customize them (the lady love interests) as well. 

  8. You are praising the franchise for degrading itself in order to please ignorant masses…

    How much do you get paid to ride the cockmachine?

  9. Ive played every ace combat since pt 3 and pt 5 is hands down the best this game is just awful. This review shows ign has no fucking clue on what they are talking about

  10. 00:39 "No weird fake cities" "Evil Russians and the bomb"
    Are you fucking kidding me, shit? Are you saying that the imaginary planet, Strangereal is weird and calling Russia as an evil country? Guys, I think this reviewer is an immature kid that likes repetitive games in the real world and his parents never taught him manners and made him spoiled. IGN really disrespects the Ace Combat fans.

  11. And it's perfectly alright that that's your opinion. Just don't call this a flight sim, not that you have so far. That's been my whole point all along. You've just been too busy jerking yourself off to see it.

  12. the story in ace combat 6 the game you love, made me wanna puke, its like a girl from the 1900's, i'm gonna get on the trolly, oh my my ankles were showing i might go to jail for indecent exposure LOL WTF the writing was the worst in all of video games, like they were trying to aggrevate people by each word of dialogue WOW it was awful!! just my opinion

  13. I do, they're delicious. And yes. Of the three reviews I initially read *all* of them called it a flight sim. Now, the of the next three I read none of them did, but that's still an average of half of all people that are idiots.

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