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  1. Saying that tekken is the most technical of the fighters is a brazen statement. I give that to Street fighter myself. You can't mash in Street fighter and pull off the advanced combos. That being said, tekken is a blast. I can't wait to try this

  2. 9.5? I am a die hard tekken fan, and I gave it a 7, due to the lack of so many of the tekken characters, and the addition of inequivalent replacements. Still to this day, the most balanced and technical fighting game, and organic as well, is tekken.

  3. The Best thing about tekken is being patient , waiting for the every day joe to play dirty then giving them a taste of there own medicine and believe me theres loads upon loads of desperate players with absolutely no self respect just asking for it , the best thing about it is they think there pro lol . theres few things in life as satisfying, I love tekken for that reason

  4. The game is great but it doesn't have longevity. It gets boring after you beat the story mode in my opinion

  5. If anyone would like this game I have an extra key that I can't use. (It goes to steam). Just message me back and I'll give it to you (first come first serve guys)

  6. tekken 7 is the worst game in the tekken series too short storyline recycled characters and movies nothing new since tekken 6 and tag 2 the fact that akuma is now canon to the series when he was never in tekken in the first place, most of the modes are gone or locked as dlc, and just end the mishima bloodline saga at this point its dragging on and on and its getting tiresome

  7. 4 hours 3 days to master all kings moves including grapple combos

    Over 192 to remember

    I'm still really good with 9 other characters

    Tekken 6 Petri was 2nd from top ranking on playstation 3 online matches

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