HTC U11: The Squeeze Phone?!

Much better use of space. But do you want to squeeze your phone? HTC U11 (Sapphire Blue): HTC U11 (Solar Red): …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. Maybe you should starting eating some of your words. The "gimmick" feature you put it, might be used by the innovation stealing company called Apple. If yes, all phones will have this feature.
    An innovation that neither Samsung or Apple created, but the innovated company called HTC, they also discovered the stylus which Samsung adopted as their S-Pen, HTC first used this in their tablet. More innovation. Samsung hired some of HTC's engineers 10 years ago, then Google buys another group of engineers. Talented company, but no one realizes.

  2. HTC isn't a pure android phone???
    They were the ones who first created the smartphone nd also the ones who created the first android phone!!

  3. 11 months since the last MKBHD HTC review, and not a word on U11+ or U12+. Still waiting Marques, since U12+ is apparently blowing everyting else out of the water, with U11+ not far behind…

  4. Never buy HTC U11. First of all very bad repair services. I used to have HTC for a long time. Bought this phone. Camera stopped working and its within warranty period. There is no service centers where i could reach out myself and the repair time is 2-3months. This is rediculous. HTC does not consider the fact that if in this time, I buy another phone for use, I will not need the former.

  5. It's just another HTC m8, yes has a few extra things, but is only to say to your mates. Hey have you seen this and then the moment is over. No does not make want to buy it. These silly shiny covers only get dinged up and scratched any way, so I don,t see the point only for phone companies to get you to go – oh that looks nice again boring. Always find self bored with smartphone,s these days. Same old nonsense, most of what smartphones does is just a gimmick, you always end asking – yeh now what. I see a lot rubbish on apps you simply will not use or even want too. The phones nowadays are just full useles crap.

  6. Hi, Anyone can tell me if is it possible to transmit the screen via HDMI – type C cable? thanks ? Specifically I should use it with elgato hd60 capture card

  7. this guy started all the used of space way back in htc u ultra and a lot sheep just followed him. htc u ultra now is amazing because they lower the price.

  8. Can any US-version U11 owners tell me if you get the option of selecting 2G, 3G or 4G only on your U11? I’m about to buy one but I need to know first.

  9. Months later Google copies the squeeze feature and now he loves it.

    Jheeze how can you be soo obvious of your bias lol.

    Just admit it already you're paid by Google, hence the exclusive interview with the CEO.

  10. I Still have the Samsung Note 5 Phone. Has a Better camera then the HTC and a much better quality Phone. I've had it for 2 years, still in presteen condition. Samsung is the Way to go.

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