Crypto News | Bitcoin Holds Valuation, Ready To Rocket Off! Stellar Ranks Higher. Huge Coinbase News

Bitcoin looks set to rally again, with a few factors playing against it we weigh up the likely hood that we’re in an accumulation phase before another big move to the upside.

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Facebook Restores Coinbase Crypto Ads, No Intent to Block Legitimate Companies

Facebook Restores Coinbase Crypto Ads, No Intent to Block Legitimate Companies

Coinbase Establishes “Political Action Committee” with Plans to Spend on U.S. Elections

Coinbase and ZCash, not Monero, is a good thing. from Monero

Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Not Significant Threats – Says US Federal Reserve Chairman

CoinMarketCap Changing Policies and Design to Reduce Trading Volume Fraud

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  1. Technical analysis, good. News coverage, good. Reflection on meaning of news, good. Accent and audio quality…exhausting. Please try to enunciate all of the consonants. Sorry for pointing this out, but I've been listening for months and today I just couldn't make it through the whole video.

  2. I never feel like you shill anything you just say what you feel are good projects nothing wrong with that . I also like icx but it's definitely my heaviest bag

  3. Is there any point in holding a privacy coin on coinbase? Coinbase is a verified identity exchange. sending or receiving privacy coins on coinbase isn't private is it?

  4. I really like ZEC for privacy, they have a great team, hard wallet support, and constantly innovating. The ASIC mining aspect is of some concern though not enough to shake the fundamentals. Monero is great as well though lack hard wallets and has more attention from regulators. ZEC is doing a good job lobbying those in the space and within government, defending the need for a privacy coin which only further legitimizes itself as a market leader. Just my two cents though I would like to get some monero if it had easy to use ledger or trezor integration.

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