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  1. Hello there, i have some problem with my game the sound seems to stutter every time im in a battle, i know im asking in the wrong video but i've search all over youtube for this problem but came up with nothing (i know i should've search in google but i have an account problem it didn't signing in) so i search here instead. Thank you and have a nice day.

  2. It's so crazy how people have been accusing IGN of being out of touch and pandering with their reviews/coverage for years yet continue to visit the site and watch their videos. I have seen the same people in the comments sections months and years on end that do nothing but complain about how terrible IGN has become and how much they hate it. There are resources other than IGN for gaming news. If they suck so much, stop going to the damn site. People are pathetic.

  3. IGN has become so Crucial , and Commercial , and over the top Cliche , I cannot even take the reviews seriously or  for concideration . They have Zero perspective,   and the tone in their voices are blanch , and utterly boring …..

  4. They should make more games like this but with different storylines from other chapters like the blood angels, space wolves, or even the salamanders and have them fighting different foes like the tyranids or necrons.

  5. Just finished this game.  It was fun and had some good gameplay mechanics set up that made each battle play out differently.   It was noticeable that you were basically killing the same enemies for almost the entire game, but the combinations and weapons you had made each fight interesting.  But at the end they take the route of sending you wave after wave of enemies and it starts to get repetitive.  I got this for like $15 and it was worth it.  

  6. + True to Warhammer. <- Bullshite, this game contradicts WH40k lore heavily. No scitarii on forge world, as well as 0 techpriests, Inquisition considers EXTERMINATUS during simple ork invasion, ork slang is not used at all, and captain Titus would never get captains rank with Ultramarines in real 40k.

  7. One of my friends bought this for me the week that it came out. And this week was the first week that i've actually been playing it. Its SOOOOO EFFING EPIC!!

    The guns are just uber, each gun has its own personality, same goes for the melee weapons. The Hammer, man what a hammer, favorite weapon in the whole game!! This is so much more than a lame as 7. The graphics where solid, solid sound, each bullet, melee attack, everything just pops out!! And the story was a nice strong story.

    There where a handful of sequences where i would have done something slightly different, but overall this game was an easy 9. An easy 9!!

    Its only 'let-down', if you can call it a let down is, is looks similar to Gears of War. And in that, one is naturally inclined to play it like that, but this is a different beast to gear, a completely different beast to gears. If you've not played it, give it a shot, you won't be disappointed.

  8. The heresy of this review should be punished! Game is 9/10 best action game i played in long time!  Combat is brilliant and everything is brilliant, maybe too little freedom i would like someone to copy combat and everything from this game and just add open world or more open than this! 

  9. I just got this game at Gamestoo for $10 bucks and its awesome! Its not the best game ever…but the graphics are gorgeous, there isnt any framerate issues and screen tearing(even when there were 30 orcs attacking me). The game just flows smoothly (I played the PS3 version). This game is simply the best mix Ive ever seen of hack n slash game and third person shooter. The guns are cool and you feel really powerful after the first 2 hours of game. Great game for $10!! Go get it!!

  10. what i disliked about the campaign was the ending more or less, because if you played the game then you already know the ending so i do not have to tell you. but the ending was pretty shitty that you were accused of being a traitor to the emperor and the imperium of man kind, but to be fair you did take a power source from the warp to the face and all wondered why you weren't tainted by chaos. but it was a shitty ending my opinion but it was a good game none the less.

  11. Why do I have a feeling that the first five minutes of ork slashing is the entire game? "space marines! kill em!" I'm sure that isn't repeated 10k times.

  12. Very good review. And I fully agree – it's way better then Gamespots review. Personally I find this game very addicting, so I close my eyes on cons. If you're a fan of the frenchise you can easly give this game 8.5 score.

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