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  1. I dont care it is same or not ! I have never play this on PC for years ! So, Thank you EA for making it return to PC !! Dont ask me buy a console, i dont need one !!

  2. Madden graphics still look like they’re from the original Xbox/PlayStation era. Whenever 2K dropped on current gen you could see the difference in graphics. Madden has yet to improve on this game and they won’t since they own the rights.

  3. Too many youtubers are uploading with music playing when the vid would be a lot better without it. This vid in particular, it's too loud and drowns out what the guys are talking about.

  4. The game is fake and controlled these are the experiences I'm having with this game that's why I'm always looseing. Ea sports controlls my game and they make me loose. The running back runs the wrong way and sometimes just stops for no reason. Receivers catch the ball and just falls down for no reason. And always drops the ball on 3rd and 4th downs. Can somebody tell me how to report this problem.

  5. Graphics have not improved and wont till MAYBE the next gen of consoles hits shelves in 2 to 3 years. Hope NCAA college football will have returned by then…but not holding my breath.

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