Which Smartphone Do I Actually Use?

What’s the best smartphone in 2018? Which is your favorite smartphone right now? Which smartphone is currently in your pocket? Would you take the Samsung …


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  1. Lewis:
    Choose S9+, Pixel 2 XL, OnePlus 6 or …….
    Choose Nokia 312, Samsung Galaxy Young, Poop or……..

    Watching it on Nokia 911

  2. Rocking the iPhone 7 Plus on the iOS 12 Beta. Switched after having a LG V20 for a year and they never once put out a software update for the phone.

  3. I could any phone, regardless the price, however I chose the OnePlus 6 because its power and simplicity. It easily beats most phones.

  4. Samsung s3 and I HATE it oh my god its so slow can I take that blackberry you got there might work better than this thing

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