Hive Mind Podcast #9 – Zybak’s Big Paragon MOBA Trip, ESPN eSports, Star Citizen + MMOs

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  1. hey zybak bin a sup for menny years now love the new podcast and the content you make hope you continue to make the podcasts and shoutout to dontain 2 love his content and apreshiate the time you putt in to your videos wish i had some ews from norway but boring as always her even donald trump woldent want to roll norway. keep up the good work and chad from isis watch out for D trump he weill find you!

  2. You live in VA Zybak? IT WOULD BE SO BADASS TO MEET UP WITH YOU. And I will say at first I didn't click on the podcasts but I started with episode 5 and have now seen all of them from start to finish, and I'm really digging it! Keep it up you two ?

  3. Dontain needs to learn how to use Amazon. Search "car jump starter" and you find them starting at like $60. Not sure where he is getting $300-$400

  4. a topic i would like to see is you guys discussing is conspiracy theories that you guys in believe or theories that you guys just think our so crazy and couldnt see anyone believing in them.

  5. I would have to say just as a general thought, most guys don't give a shit about having a big wedding. It's mainly a day for the bride to make her friends jealous and get as much attention as possible.

  6. Pizza drivers dont make good money! they dont compensate you for your gas so you actually lose alot of money. Unless everyone gives you crazy tips the money sucks! @Dontain

  7. I'm from germany and the shit will get out of control any time soon.
    There are the nazis who are just stupid shits and are like fuck foreigneirs and do everything to make them stand out like burning refugee camps, raping and beating/killing.
    And then there are the rapefugees, who are the loud minorities of the refugees and make everyones lives more troublesome in giving the nazis a real reason to say and do what they are doing.
    I'm not into politic and that is just how I perceive it here in Frankfurt. The crimes are basically soaring up into the skies and the police is doing nothing.

  8. LOL Zybak relating to Santoro. You know she had that bomb ass head or was throwing that shit back for anyone to put up with it. She crazy as fuck and you know but every time she fly off the handle you just think… i swear ima beat the breaks off this bitch tonight.

    I died when the convo moved on and he came with the Voodoo Pussy definition.

  9. i always cringe when these 2 talk about wow not being hardcore anymore….dude…endgame has never been harder as it is today,they just added shit for casuals to do as well,get over it

  10. And btw previously it was Texas law that you couldn't open carry no matter what but they changed that so you can open carry if you have a concealed carry license. :))) GIVE EVERYONE A GUN!!!

  11. lol so zybak, i when i watched joe rogans stand up comedy on netflix a long time ago and he makes fun of how bush gets elected, and then how he gets elected again, making fun of how stupid of a president can get elected, maybe he was onto something…….

  12. When you type out a message in WoW your character talks. They don't in wildstar. They just stand there. That's what killed me with Wildstar. Literal Autism.

  13. I love how dontain and zybak differ and kinda bicker and go back and forth but they don't get butt hurt and are friends at the end and never really get mad at each other

  14. The problem with Sweden atm is that there's a lot of economical refugees that come over here (mostly lone males in their 20s or 30s), not respecting the laws, the women, the culture and complain about the food, housing, the cold winter etc (pretty much anything and everything). And the government is too afraid to do anything.

    As a swede this pisses me off so much. Help the families that actually needs help and deport the rest. The rest meaning the ones I described above.

  15. RAPEfugees is totally a thing.
    I'm from Norway and there was a massacre at Utoya in 2011. The killer dressed up as a police man and killed 77 people with a gun and blew up some buildings with homemade bombs. The killer was a white christian very anti-islam guy and essentially tried to "wake up" people by doing this, which was obviously retarded.
    It's like… We hear about how shitty it's in Sweden with the refugees (and now Germany too apparently) and there are a lot of people here who are opposed to taking in more refugees, but then again the other countries look down upon that because "we're such a rich country so we should be able to help a lot of refugees".

    But as I think you said Zybak, no-one wants to take the bullet

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