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    GIVE 20 IOST,GET 100 IOST!! (Internet of Services Token – Currently trading at 1 IOST= 383 SATs (0.00000383 BTC) in Binance)

    Steps to get your token:
    1. Click on this link

    2. Complete the security verification check.
    3. Enter your mobile number, and click on get code button. An OTP will be sent to your mobile. Enter this in the Confirmation Code field
    within 1 minute and click on next.

    4. In the next page, enter an email address and password to create an account. Then click submit button.
    5. Once submission is complete, you will be able to see two questions on a popup window. The answers are "All of the above" for both, but do read up on the different aspects of IOST when you get some time. It is a great project!
    6. Once these steps are completed, you will get 20 IOST in your account. You can complete different tasks in your account to get more coins, the details of which are present in the website under Referrals, incentives etc.

    Never say never to some free tokens! Enjoy and share! 😀

  2. Bunch of fancy words imo worldbook(facebook)…. you better off day trading and learning from mistakes imo… ltc below pls…MMeVwhWvCk9n73HeXrGLUGULyKH5bCKNeN

  3. Skinny dev. team :(, thanks for the review. At this point i only invest in projects that have team members with a history in blockchain. LTC: LRYW3eRbnKu2z9QjZkDPZbv9tH6jDQWQaL

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