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  1. Breaks my heart seeing Heath so happy and full of life on set. He looked so normal, like you would never really know what was going on his life with the rumored substance abuse and trauma that this role may have brought on. Heath's Joker is definitely my favorite live action portrayal of all time. And Mark is my favorite animated Joker of course.

  2. It makes since now. No wonder why the dark knight rises felt so out of place. Nolan had to take the story another route after ledgers death.

  3. Heath gave 100% to whatever role he played, but he was something else for the Joker. He gave 100%, and then some. I honestly doubt we’ll ever see anyone pull of a live action Joker as great as Heath did.

  4. The moment that always stands out for me was Joker in his cell staring straight at the camera and clapping with a smirk on his face at the announcement of Gordon being promoted to Commissioner.

  5. One character made his life but sadly taken is life…..R.I.P Ledger we miss you badly…the wide screen of the DC cinematic universe is still haunts me from your absence…have safe journey…Praise Lord Buddha ? love from India ??

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