IGN Reviews – Rise of Nightmares Game Review

IGN gives its video review for the new Kinect horror game Rise of Nightmares. The most horrifying thing about Rise of Nightmares is how bad it is. IGN’s …


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  1. Typical IGN review. I actually enjoyed this game. I don't know what the guy that reviewed this game was playing, but the Kinect controls worked well for me and didn't give me any problems. I just wish there was more because the game felt so short. I think some people are just biased towards certain features and games just to be biased. What would really make games even more immersive is if they combined the Kinect and the PSVR by using the VR to look around and the Kinect to move your character.

  2. Ign. We've no clue what we're talking about.
    Hosestly the game a good homage to 80s horror and good fun with mates.
    Judging by their review these hacks will hire anyone as along as triple a publishers will discount cash to them.

  3. I played this. In the dark, turned up all the way.
    I wasnt scared once. My character never turned how I wanted him to and the characters are soooo fucking annoying.
    Especially the whiny high pitched accent. 

  4. Terrible review. Makes no sense. Says generic every 5 fucking seconds. PLEASE ign man tell me where you got your j-degree? Ebay? Also, you do not walk with your shoulders. I have played the game. It detects motions of your hips because WE WALK WITH OUR HIPS

  5. Honestly, I Don't Care About How Repetitive It Is, Or How the Story Is "Really Dumb", All I Care About is Fun Factor, And How Scary The Game Is, Which The Game Did Sometimes

  6. i have this game and i have to say that it scare me in some moments.The gameplay for me its great,the kinect work well with this game when you open doors or activating switches you have to make the right move,the walking thing its a bit annoying just a bit and it has automatic mode for those like this guy who only took like 5 steps and 2 turns in the manual mode to say it was bad.The story it was good but at some point it gets a bit ridiculous.My score for this game is 7.7

  7. @lolguide99 dear lolguide99 open your eyes and take this truth: pewdiepie is fking fake he screams when anything happena so pewdiepie + jumpscare = fake reaction

  8. walking is hard? man this reviewer is awful, i have the game, and walking is easy… fighting is absolutely awesome. yes, you see the same enemies over and over, but the gameplay is great. the story is very basic, but ok. the game is not silent hill 1 scary but it is creepy 0:42 … generic… right… a chihuahua with a dudes head… this is not a bad game, it is not an amazing game either but 4? nah, more like a 7.5 . awful reviewer that sucked at following control instructions… IGN fail.

  9. raise youre fists together as if you were going to fight someone, and you will automatically turn to the nearest enemy and keeping them up will block attacks, the game tries to make the controls realistic so, just like in an actual fight, swinging you're fists around like there's no tomorrow wont help you at all

  10. house of the dead was also just as cheesy as this game, problem is that are standards for a horror game are now a lot higher, also the walking controls are abysmal, definately if ure the kind of guy that doesnt notice obvious instructions

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