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  1. I would of loved if they just added this to bo3 but hey I love treyarch cod games and I hated IW and just stopped playing WW2 so hopefully this can revive my love for COD

  2. The game is call of duty, we know what yo expect, even though it looked wash out for some reason. The real question here is it worth 60 dollars? From my personal view is not. I'll just tell people to hold until blackfriday.

  3. IGN hey there. Just some nice friendly little advice MAYBE just MAYBE don"t put guys that are just plain AWFUL. It hurts to watch. Put someone who can handle a controller…..

  4. All maps are narrow and look the same. Cannot climb onto things that you could in real life. This crap is all about the quick dollar. As long as people settle for the same looking game it won’t change anytime soon.

  5. Kill time is ridiculous. What’s the point of using the heal if it takes a whole clip to kill someone or get you killed. By the time you kill couple of people you run out of ammo. Kill time needs to be fixed it’s ruining the game.

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