ETC READY FOR COINBASE – Coinbase Listing ETC August 7th – CryptoCurrency News

ETC is ready to list on Coinbase, it looks like August 7th could be the date for Ethereum Classic! CryptoCurrency News!
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  1. All alt crypto crap ICO's are nothing but scans. Don't listen to this moron bozo nobody that doesn't have a real job and probably still lives in his mommy's basement!

  2. Love ya zack and I share your share ambitions I would love to have your email and just converse with you I’m interested in knowing more about what you did in construction and what I can do as a 24 year old to work smart and not terribly physically hard

  3. Glad that you love streaming bro I really missed you man I’ve been checking YouTube aggressively for your livestreams and like you said you’ve been busy for the past month so I’ve been crying myself to sleep (kidding) ? but I bought my first full litecoin today for $77.30 I’m so proud. Last time I put money in litecoin it was worth $174 so I’m down to hold for the next 1-3 years and keep adding to it along with some #NEO

  4. i genuinely appreciate the level of care and work that goes into all of your videos, man. your presentation is unique, your approach lacks a clear bias which is GREAT (not to mention RARE), and you explain everything in great detail. i've both begun AND ceased investing in certain projects based on your videos and their respective explanations–not because you recommended either but rather because your explanations made my decisions much clearer and easier to make. keep doing your thing!!!!

  5. Your channel became shitcoin channel.PUNDIX GONE TO GARBAGE AND YOU ARE TELLING LONG TERM….90% OF COINMARKET COIN/TOKEN DISAPPEAR WITHIN NEXT 2 YEAR. Nothing is ok …dont fool poor investors by providing wrong info my friend.

  6. I will give you an ETC if you can find a way to get it..ETC and ETH addresses are the same and I sent one to Etherscan from Kraken for a test and was thinking that it would take my ETC on my existing account on Etherscan and separate it like they separate the ERC20 tokens but is was sent to an ETC Blockchain address that no one owns….It was a noob mistake for me but damn they should not use the same address

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