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Inversion is a shooter with a twist. But is its gravity-warping gameplay enough to make it standout from the crowd of cover-based shooters? Subscribe to IGN’s …


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  1. I avoided this game because of the bad reviews and it was a big mistake. if you like third person shooters just do yourself a favor and buy this game, it doesn't matter if it's a clone of gears of war, inversion is fun, everything about it is well done and it will keep you interested until the end. My only advice is to play it on PC because on console it has terrible performance (frame rate and texture loading are really bad)

  2. worst review ever… the game in the reviewrs word :" it´s not bad" and slashes 5.5 MEDIOCRE!!!! The guy contradicts himself. A word of encouragement to the devolopers to keep up and realize the full potential on a sequel! SHAME IGN

  3. I think this review is spot on. I'm a fan of third person shooters. This game isn't bad but it isn't the best either. I found this concept of using grav hooks difficult at times to master. The controls weren't easy to get used to. There's moments the game got intense and suddenly slow paced and boring. There were more cut scenes than gameplay and the skirmishes were few. Nevertheless , it does gradually get more interesting in terms of the story and gameplay albeit slowly. 3/5 score from me

  4. blah blah blah blah blah… this is why I never listen to reviews, coz they are always negative. I do click on them though cause I wanna see the gameplay of the game, and the graphics and whatnot.

  5. Bad review intentionally trying to underestimate the game. Of course the game is not perffect, some of the videos arguments are right. Like the fightings under zero gravity, where is very problematic. In fact the most frustrating and dificult part of the entire game is almost at the end in a very disadventage battle in zero gravity, i died there inumerable times. And some of the game elements are not completely taken adventaje of.

    But the game as a all was very nice experience, i dont regret of playing it at all. One of the best things done in the game are the script and the beautifull soundtracks. I play only in pc since i dont have a console, and becouse of that i only have play GearsOW 1. And i fell like this game "inversion" work better than gow 1 in a variety of situations. As i said before, is not a perfect game at all. But at the same time as i said before, i really enjoy the game.

    I belive that the game deserves at least a 6.5 over 10 may be a 7.0 over 10.

  6. IGN gives very biased reviews. It all comes down to money, yeah it looks like a Gears/Mass Effect clone but it looks pretty well done, definitely Atleast a 6.5-7 rating. IGN is hating smh

  7. This game is fucking retarded, flawed controls, difficulty issues, those boss fights are just terrible, and don't even mention the gravity mechanism. The last part of the game just tears me apart with those drones flying all over and dodging throws. The gravity was hard to control, the security bot and the lutes, that was just totally unbearable. Were it not for me to resell it I'd probably break this thing into pieces lol. srsly wts wrong wif it

  8. This game is fucking garbage. Horrible mechanics and the boss fights will piss people off due to the fact that they just kill you instantly, due to the fact that the dude you play as runs so fucking slow. Even if you dodge the attacks the enemy still hits you wtf _. 6/10 for me.

  9. the game is worth 20$ nd as well it gives u an gears control opt. were the cnrl layout is like gears.great game if ur used too 3rd per. shooters

  10. The game is decent. I did enjoy it. Although playing it with a bot is a fucking rage quiting challenge at some places.

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