Crypto News: Vechain, NYSE Owner Crypto, Starbucks Crypto

We have some interesting news to discuss today as the owner of the NYSE has plans to step into the crypto arena. Which could add more credibility to asset class. Also news regarding Vechain and ETC along with Starbucks.

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  4. Love that ur still getting a chance to post videos jeff love the news from u guys keep up the good work…..the real secret is that big money is already here just look at how much infrastructure thats going in the crypto space…the bulls are here just waiting for them to run

  5. Thanks for another great update. I have a Youtube Channel where I post daily bitcoin technical analysis updates. Always great to stay up to date with other creators such as yourself. Keep up the hardwork!

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  7. I enjoy these long, informative crypto videos, I listen to them while I’m cleaning or doing work. More of this is needed in Social Media.

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