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  1. these things actually add spice, i didn't even get fifa 18 but i might get this. we all know it's not a simulator, I'm down for anything that upgrades a game mode's freedom

  2. Alex Hunter mode is dead.
    Scrap all that other game mode nonsense too.
    Fix up the gameplay completely.
    Although, a FIFA street mode would be cool. Better then Alex Hunter. Lol.
    Gameplay should be king and the main focus.

  3. I honestly feel Fifa does not take the time to listen to their customers, something very crucial from any company if you ask me. Also, the very similar if not the same layout from Fifa 17 in Fifa 18 says a lot on the effort EA puts into its games smh..

  4. I have tcl 4k tv and I play on ps4 . I just don't get how everybody says fifa has better graphics than pes . I can only describe fifa players movement like a stray dog trying to catch its tail

  5. This is nice and all but what about the netcode. Online the game doesn't play anything like the offline versions because of EA's cheapass netcode..

  6. The flick up and double tap shot are both welcome additions stolen from PES. That said, the limited footage I've seen still looks too similar to last year's game. Easy, shitty goals all over the place, and stiff, robotic player movement killing my immersion constantly. It'll be PES or nothing for me this year, jury's still out on the former.

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