2 Chainz Tries Some Very Expensive Virtual Reality

On MOST EXPENSIVEST, 2 Chainz tries a 3 Million Dollar children’s VR game. WATCH NEXT: 2 Chainz Meets “The Sneaker Don” Benjamin Kicks …


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  1. The illuminati is starting to be normalized. Theyre being more and more blatant this year. Always been symbolism and subliminals in movies and music videos but they dont have anything to hide now. They own the world now because "hip hop". Hip hop is just a vehical for the illuminati now because these rappers were desperate to be rich and famous so they were willing to do anything. And the kids have always idolized rappers and its the most influential genre in the world so they now have control of world, encouraging wicked behavior and exsessive spending to impress people we dont like all while making the elite richer and richer. We are truly slaves. We work all day long just to give the money we worked hard for bacj to our masters. Slavery never ended they just found a way to get you to do it willingly. Think about it, why would the elites ever give up their free workforce. They need us to keep making money for them so they can stay in control of the world. Were living in Babylon.

  2. They could have did better with the application shown to us. I'm assuming that I'm going to be seeing something worth spending my money on. I was a bit turned away seeing two kids and some dog. Honestly I would have had something like a first person shooter or even a roller coaster being that the chair is in the upwards of $10,000… I hope they can make their money back

  3. The Jurassic World VR ride at Dave & Busters is way better. You shoot/scan the dinosaurs with the HTC vice controllers that go with that headset. The best part is it’s only $5 to ride.

    I do wish they had more D-Box/4D theaters here in the us, it’s one of the best movie experiences especially with that motion chair.

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