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  1. Dude no disrespect but IGN had nothing to do with one of their editors plagiarizing. Putting the blame on them is a bit too much but I would understand a partial blame for not making sure it was a legit review but thats all.

  2. Man youre a dumbass…this isnt even IGNs fault, yet, youre quick to jump the gun for ad money and views. This is 100% on Filip and Filip alone. Research your shit first, dumbass.

  3. Is it true that this was phillip's first review?He probably was having such a tough time writing a good review that he decided to try and copy something that sounded good.

  4. think it's pretty shitty to group the entirety of mainstream gaming sites with what came down to one person deciding it was okay to plagiarize. IGN made a mistake hiring him and once they became aware of the problem they did the right thing and fired him. Not much more can be done except for them to have a better process at vetting their reviews in the future. No need to take a shot at the entire organization. Sure, their content may not be of the highest quality, but I think this is now just being used as an easy way for people to take a cheap shot at the whole company, which consists of a lot of people who are honest and do work hard. Just something to consider.Most of the people working at IGN are honest journalists at the end of the day.

  5. I give this very long quote from Ozark Season one.
    My father owned a store back in Mexico, he owned this store for a very long time. One day he found an employee stealing from him, a handful of Pesos, a few dollars American. When he confronted her about it, she apologized and told my father that her son was sick and couldn't afford the medicine. My father asked her why she just didn't go to him, again she cried and said it would never happen again, what should my father do?
    Fire her.
    This wasn't the first time she had stolen from your father.
    What was it then?
    The first time she was caught.

    This is just the first time this reviewer, and iGN got caught plagiarizing, WatchMojo had been caught as well. They have done this many times in the past and no one should fool themselves otherwise.

  6. Hell, some of your videos get more views than a channel with over 10 million subs! I honestly can't imagine IGN being around too much longer when it seems like no one's listening to them.

  7. IGN has always been a bag of dicks. Remember the douchebag buttering up Todd Howard when Skyrim was released? Or how about the over-the-top hatred IGN gives for the Sonic games?

  8. actually If the situation hasnt existed I wouldve just watched theirs since its on the top when i looked up dead cells review.. hes second third?

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