Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. Won’t Be On Steam – Kinda Funny Games Daily 08.07.18

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  1. "Pokemon Let's Go" could be the best selling Pokemon games of all time. You are delusional, Tim. They're not selling 30 million. There aren't even 30 million Switches out there.

  2. Why are you only discussing the IGN side of things and how it sucks for them? What about the youtuber whose work has been stolen? What about the views and ad revenue that this plagiarised video has gathered? Shouldn't he be compensated in some fashion instead of just receiving an apology?

  3. @21:36 its not a maybe andrea, tim is absolutely correct here. teachers that use most anti plagiarism software have to take into account the fact that the system will report ~30% plagiarism if the class is all writing about the same topic even when nobody in the class plagiarizes anything whatsoever. the same would 100% be true comparing essays on "metroidvania roguelite souls" things that use the same universal terms because there literally aren't any other descriptors that exist that could make sense.

  4. IGN is going to have to come up with a whole new system of how videos get made and put on their channel. They need a whole new set of standards and protocols to ensure a plagiarized video doesn't end up on their channel.

  5. RE7 is an outstanding VR experience. So much so that I wonder why more first person games aren't able to adapt their game for VR. Too many developers focus on implementing the move wands to the VR experience. Make me a great game and I don't mind continuing to use the dualshock controller.

  6. Tim you haven't played a single GOOD psvr game.
    Beat resident evil 7.
    Beat far point
    Beat skyrim in vr.
    Play the persistence
    Lean how to play sprint vector right.
    Sit down and play 20 hours of eve valkyrie or dirt rally.
    Apex construct
    Raw data..
    The list literally goes on and on.
    If you played all the shit games you're going to think it's shit.
    If you only played back to the future and cheetah man on NES would you still call it a shit failed system?

  7. Technically this whole show is built on Plagiarism. All they do is grab news stories from other mediums and reads it on camera. Sometimes verbatim…word for word.

  8. How terribly unfair it would be if i were to be so harshly judged because of the actions of another person. Perhaps, before we bash an entire company or industry, we should show others the same fairness and compassion we seek for ourselves.

  9. Why are they wondering about the time of this direct? It is 7:00 a.m. pacific and 11:00 p.m. in Japan. But maybe the Kinda Funny Crew has heard about a continent called "Europe". It's the same with that outcry about PSX last year, when Sony decided to do a different PSX compared to the last years and instead having a major press conference at Paris Games Week.

  10. I find it really interesting that Kinda Funny failed at covering and talking about Colin Kaepernick being edited out of a song in Madden and not being available as a free agent player in the game. Highly interesting and VERY disappointing.

  11. Either way, Boomstick is gonna get paid big time with the kind of publicity this is getting — he said that he's doing interviews with Forbes and other major news outlets outside of gaming.

  12. I think IGN is fine. They have enough other content and are so big and well-known to the main stream that they'll be fine. Being in such an environment these days where, if you've done even a little bit of research into the situation, you'll know who actually committed the act, people should be able to vilify just the individual, not the whole. That being said, there are even more lazy people on the internet, not just the guilty party, so who knows. I think they'll be fine. I think this week's episode of NVC is gonna be even more awkward than Beyond! from two weeks ago though :/

  13. For me, IGN has lost their credibility when it comes to reviewing games. I used to only watch a review when people like Jose Otero or Brian Altano were reviewing, but now I can't even bring myself to hover my cursor over the video. Now, I mostly watch the podcasts and enjoy the different personalities that they have on those podcasts. Sad to see Filip go, as I really do believe he was just starting to hit his stride on NVC, but plagiarism is a serious offense and IGN was right to terminate him. Also, "too much water" was definitely a mistake, Tim. The Hoenn region is based off a tropical region in Japan, where there's plenty of water. I respect her having an opinion in her own review, but she definitely could have phrased it better.

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