Was an IGN reviewer caught plagiarizing YouTuber?

IGN Nintendo Editor Filip Miucin posted a review of DEAD CELLS for the Nintendo Switch that, according to YouTuber Boomstick Gaming…was VERY VERY …


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  1. As the review goes on the plagiarism is more and more blatant. The guy Filip obviously thought he could get away with it because Boomstick Gamer's channel is a small one.

  2. So, you didn't bother seeing the comparison video, or more recently that ign took its video review down and admitted that was the case, as well as firing the guy?! Christ you're such a stupid cuck.

  3. I don’t think this is as big as you think. It’s big sure but it is as big as you say. It will hurt them a little but not even close to hurt their bottom line

  4. I'm sorry I just have to ask, why didnt you even watch all the other videos that were online or even the comparison video that Boomstick himself made? Because it sounds like you just heard about this and thought Oh my God that's a Hot Topic let me get on that right away and kind of just put out a video

  5. Think it's safe to say he never bothered to view the comparison video….

    The video makes it blatantly obvious that it was plagiarism. IGN seems to think so, the dude was fired and was exposed as doing this before!

  6. Any good plagiarizer knows you don't copy things verbatim. If they said pie tastes good you say I found the pie to be quite delectable.
    Like come on. If you are gunna copy something exactly make sure it's common knowledge. You can copy the fact that dead cells is a rogue like because that's what it is.
    Maybe it's just my years of being a lazy cunt that allows me to copy papers and not get caught

  7. You must be willfully ignorant to not recognize the guy's blatant plagiarism.

    Watch the side by side comparison of the the two reviews.

    Nevermind the IGN found sufficient cause to fire him.

    Plus, this isn't the first time he's plagiarised. Watch YongYea's latest video.

  8. There is a comparison video made by broomstick, there are allot of instances that copy the exact language to a ridiculous degree. This is plagiarism without a doubt.

  9. Matt, imagine the NYT copies key parts of your commentary and posts it as an op ed and don't even mention you. They are taking money from you. How can you say its no big deal?

  10. Hahahahahahaha this is hilarious since IGN has been shit for years! This is the greatest fuck up since too much water, great white savior, and there shitty movie reviews.

  11. Matt watch the comparisons video made by the victim, it's more than a sentence and some parts are copied word for word… I don't know why the Verge chose that example while there are other sentences that are blatantly plagiarized

  12. i wonder if the review score ign gives is entirely in the discretion of the reviewer or if like the editorial board has to check it etc… or they have certain requirements etc.

  13. Plagiarism is one of the quickest ways to permanently ruin your professional reputation. Obviously Filip didn’t love his job enough to avoid this happening. He’s gonna have a lot of fun being unemployed. Lmao he won’t even be able to claim unemployment.

  14. A lot of salty bitches in the comments. I think it's a foregone conclusion that there are no ethics in games journalism. What you have to ask yourself is if rephrasing and summarizing is actually plagiarism or not. Somehow this concept is lost on people. If rephrasing someone else's work is plagiarism, there's a lot of degrees that need to be retracted.

  15. When pretend journalists are so lazy that not only they don't play video games, they can't even write their own reviews about a game they never touched in the first place. Yes, I know is just this one guy, but shut up. Let me have my fun. Lol

    Worst part is, Boom Stick didn't even offer to fuck him five times to take his shit.

  16. Mat I seriously encourage you watch the side by side comparison that broomstick gaming posted on his channel. The article you read siriously does not exemplify the more severe transgressions of plagiarism that IGN editor committed. Please do your do diligence and don't just go off a single article. Get the full picture then have an inform opinion. This issue is not as light as you make it out to be.

  17. I saw yong's video on this earlier. Honestly it may not be word for word but it's pretty bad. That guy is fine either way. Trust is hard thing to earn back sometimes.

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