Why Throw Shade at Marques Brownlee?

Marques Brownlee is a technology reviewer who’s come under fire for his demeanor and the way that he talks/handles himself. Because he’s not see as “Street” …


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  1. I'm a Computer Science major, you are right not many blacks are in to technology most are in to Criminal Justice. I can tell you, Marquese may not be able to get all black women, but he will not have a problem getting a large portion of them based off his athletic ability, height, and money; however, he may not bond as far as personality with ghetto black women. But to be honest, men like him don't date ghetto black women, if they date a black woman they go for Gabriel Union types I grew up around wealthy blacks or middle class blacks and trust me, they aren't into black women with multiple kids. Even the blacks in the city by the hood, who play sports, don't date these women.

    Right now, I'm a Software Engineer, I have no problem getting women but the biggest problem I have is my time. I can date women but I don't talk about IT subjects around them, because women of all races generally (unless their Asian) do not find interest in this topic.

  2. Thanks for the video Roderick, I agree with your "point". I found Marques a number of years ago and was/am very proud of him. Especially because he is black. That being said, I am also proud of him because he doesn't make it an issue. Just being himself, doing his thing.

    (But speaking of "us") Many black folks, on the other hand, tend to tear one another down instead of build up and encouraging each other. Just human nature I am sure. But it's not needed. 1) I tried to make sure I never ran folks down in front of my kids… 2) I realize to accomplish #1 I had to stop running folks down to myself when alone. (…just to make sure there is nothing there to "slip" out at the wrong time. )

    [Jas 1:19 KJV] Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:

  3. It gets them play time, attention, and association along with him.
    Should boost your views just covering it. Honestly brought me here lol.
    Been watching him since he was a few hundred thousand subs, hands down my favorite tech You Tuber.
    Probably dose not matter but im real white. Grew up with people of color just like MKBHD and it really doesn't cross my mind watching him.
    And if Kat Williams was right, then the more hatters the better your doing. He is doing awesome then lol

  4. MKBHD and no other person has no one or community to live up to other then themselves. The world is full of haters. Ignore the BS out there its full of hypocrisy and noise.

  5. Marques is awesome, and the only reason the guy that made the video decided to drag Marques into his mean-spirited mess is for views. FYI, he plays ultimate freesbie.

  6. #CoSign. You're Intelligent, Sir.
    Very Good.. outlook..

    You're so correct.. why start a negative conversation about The Young BRo. You know, YouTuber: Oshay, messy-hatin'-coon-ass started that tacky Dialogue.

  7. I understand your point, but at 5:47 was reason he was used as an example. But I agree with not not shedding a negative spot light on him. I can see if he made a public statement regarding he had trouble attracting black women, then it would be fair to us his statement as an example

  8. The person who brought up Marques as it relates to black women is a brother who is still mad at black women from high school.

    Oshay Jackson did it for the views. If he didn't get pussy when in hs and college he should get it now. Pussy is still available.

  9. Society as a whole isn't very much into technology. Just so happens that there is a an even smaller portion of black people that fit into the tech world. Mr. Brownlee not being accepted by black woman ….why is this a topic for discussion and who is doing the discussing?? I can't imagine educated black women feeling this way. We often struggle with finding the smart guys and are quite often intrigued when we find them. I'm sure despite whatever bullshit has been said about this man, somewhere some intelligent black woman is waiting in hopes for someone like him to stimulate her mind and illuminate her world a little more. People on a whole are negative thinkers. Negativity gets the headlines and discussions. Unfortunately the positive talkers and thinkers are thought to be not so attention worthy. Surely, despite whatever negativity you read, there aremore positive people…black people…that would not only be interested in Mr. Brownlee romantically but also intellectually.

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