IGN was right to fire Filip Miucin over DEAD CELLS review plagiarism

After Boomstick Gaming came out and accused IGN Nintendo Editor, Filip Miucin, of plagiarizing his review of Motion Twin’s DEAD CELLS…IGN pulled the …


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  1. Dude is done reviewing games. Getting fired from the biggest video game review site in the country guarantees he'll never get hired by another site ever again. I guess he'll have to find a different career path.

  2. I just don't understand why they should hire boomstick. Ok, his review was used by a former member of IGN, but that simply doesn't justify IGN hire him. But they made the right choice firing that guy.

  3. Pretty sure if he beat the game, he wouldn't have felt the need to plagiarize. Just puttin that out there. Not saying it was okay what he did, rather elude to the fact that if more reviewers beat their games, they wouldn't mislead their audience or potentially steal the words from others' who HAVE beat the game. It's a problem. Reviewers need to start beating their games. Would you be okay with a movie review if the jackhole walked out in the middle of the movie? Of course not. Because double standards.

  4. IGN once aware acted in a promp and professional manner. The only thing left is some sort of compensation for Boomstick Gaming.
    If this is indicative of a systemic problem or just a bad apple I cannot tell.

  5. when i read IGN's statement about firing their editor and will be posting a new Dead Cells review, I had the exact same thought. Why not just pay Boomstick for his review and use it in place of the removed one? they use freelancers all the time. why not have him on there? it would show amazing good faith and win back trust super fast.

  6. Okay Matt, you're kinda going into SJW territory there. Don't go complaining just because they didn't use the exact wording that you would have preferred.

  7. Keep one thing in mind: It's possible the IGN reviewer didn't even FULLY PLAY that game. He simply copied and re-worded another interview. Makes you wonder if that's how it usually is.

  8. IGN editors have actually stated on Twitter that they are looking for a way to give Boomstick the Ad Revenue for the review.

  9. Sorta reminds me of when IGN reviewed a game and were disappointed how after beating it it just ends with no conclusion. The creator of the game called them out how you need to beat it on a higher difficulty rather than easy. IGN simply edited out the part about the ending rather than correct themselves by admitting that they played on easy.

  10. You read and respond to articles as you say around 7:20 mark, but you couldn't be bothered to look at a 5 minute video boomstick made to have a better idea of the situation before you decided to jump on this story in your last video?

  11. I’m getting sick of major sites pulling this “exposure” equaling compensation. Money is compensation. Tangible benefits are compensation. Exposure isn’t shit. Ya done goofed IGN. Either hire his ass or pay him his fucking money.

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