Nurses on the Blockchain! – CryptoCurrency Making Nursing Better! – NurseToken ICO Review

Help solve the worldwide nursing shortage on the blockchain with this CryptoCurrency project Nurse Token ICO!
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  1. Actually this is a great idea. Nursing is changing with compaq licensing in 26 states that enable nurses to cross borders seamlessly. A blockchain credentialing solution with a utility token to unlock credentials will expedite nurse mobility to work where the need is greatest. Large healthcare systems and nurse agencies have been waiting for something like this for years.

  2. I think this idea is genius!! Being able to access credentialing documents on the Blockchain saves nurses and facilities time and money.

  3. Brilliant & innovative way to navigate the challenges of the nursing shortage. Great method of credentialing too.

  4. LTC: MEXBWi8bvwCc4Tbn3UjWPBFegQsZa25oho
    Portable, trusted credentialing system on the blockchain for nurses ! Sounds great , thank you for the review !

  5. Healthcare is a big industry, and many startups are working on solutions, and It's good to see a startup working to solve the problem of the people .
    LTC: MKoy1BZnHozkLAgzEUNWEXDd9d7TwRvgsJ

  6. Im a nurse in the US and I will read the whitepaper. This is ambitious and I dont know how the individual State boards of nursing will receive this. The project seems to propose a worldwide nurse license. Great concept but seems to good to come true

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  10. i can put money on that in 2 years time this will be no where to be seen . Probably come out on the exchanges below ICO price and then tank even further. There was another ICO out now med something. The funniest has to be DENTACOIN for the dentist industry .

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