VRChat Anime Honeymoon with Ryan in Japan! Virtual Reality

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  1. You two are still the cutest couple around. And between you and everyone I think you're the least destructive. Joey didn't want to leave any evidence or witnesses, and Ryan enjoyed the fire display as the place was bombarded. xD

  2. Why did ryan eat so much and alsow why did you drop bombs on the restaurant

    Please keep making videos like this one they really help me get better every day

  3. I cant stop laugthing when Joey said to Ryan you forgett this when you left and Ryan face is like oh Jesus and Jakkuba zoom his face xd
    Nice video and Happy 6 months married they grow so fast :^)

  4. 2:52 insta revenge on ryan for throwing your guitar ???

    Are u cursing ryan? Dont know about you guys but some beliefs in my place are if you put something in or under the bed, its a cursed item(namely cursing someone). ?

    Joey being houdini going through wall and sitting on the other side. LoLness.

    I jusg realised something. Didnt really realise it when i was watching ryan's. 14:12 Lanfear eating with her chest? ?

  5. Lol, cute video and pov, Jakkuba. 😛 :3 😀
    Also.., those were some cute moments.., too.., Jakkuba.. 😛 :3 😀
    Anyway, I hope you both live a long vrchat life, together, forever.., Jakkuba.. 😛 ;3 ^-^

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