VRChat Anime Honeymoon with Ryan in Japan! Virtual Reality

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  1. You two are still the cutest couple around. And between you and everyone I think you're the least destructive. Joey didn't want to leave any evidence or witnesses, and Ryan enjoyed the fire display as the place was bombarded. xD

  2. 2:52 insta revenge on ryan for throwing your guitar 😂😂😂

    Are u cursing ryan? Dont know about you guys but some beliefs in my place are if you put something in or under the bed, its a cursed item(namely cursing someone). 😝

    Joey being houdini going through wall and sitting on the other side. LoLness.

    I jusg realised something. Didnt really realise it when i was watching ryan's. 14:12 Lanfear eating with her chest? 😶

  3. Lol, cute video and pov, Jakkuba. 😛 :3 😀
    Also.., those were some cute moments.., too.., Jakkuba.. 😛 :3 😀
    Anyway, I hope you both live a long vrchat life, together, forever.., Jakkuba.. 😛 ;3 ^-^

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