We Happy Few’s Deadliest Gameshow: Oh, Behave! – IGN Plays Live

Do you know how to function like a joy filled human being in We Happy Few? Find out in everyone’s favorite quiz show: Oh, Behave! Watch our We Happy Few …


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  1. IGN Review: "We Happy Few skirts the line between open world survival and Bioshock like atmospheric experience. It has a greater focus on melee combat on stealth. Make sure you're taking your Joy beforehand or you won't be able to tell a tuttle from a buttle. – 6.4/10"IGN Review:

  2. Ok I had my pokey pokes but seriously I hope issues like the dead cells review don't happen again. There are tons of great folks at IGN Ryan , daemon , Destin etc . Tina can ride this storm out she build for this !
    P.S I'm looking forward to this game

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