Virtual Reality on an Overclocked AMD Ryzen APU? Is it even possible? (R3 2200g)

Install Tab for a Cause: The AMD Ryzen R3 2200G is a super budget APU… but with a healthy Overclock can it do full Virtual Reality?


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    "Hey Alex, what is UP with that face in the thumbnail?"

    It initially started as a joke, but now I am curious. Will it perform better and as a thumbnail than the previous thumbnail? Will it not? We are going to find out!

  2. Has visto que las oculus rift han bajado un montón el precio? ahora por la poca diferencia que hay es mucho mejor pillar esas que la mixed virtual reality

  3. I'm so sad but happy at the same time, see I'm finnaly going to build a dedicated gaming pc! Now why am I sad? Beacuse I'm going to miss what im leaving behind. I'm going to miss the brown textures on everything, the lack of special effects and counting every pixel on buildings in the distance in the pre game lobby. But I will keep my self promise and I'll keep watching the channel!

  4. Hey bro I found something You can say a very low budget vr gear only around 4$ vr gear with 1 VR box and 1VR Sticks Contact me if you want to see the product even buy it

  5. i have a request sir….
    i want to ask you to do a tweak video for 'we happy few' game. its a new game and hope you can do the video soon 🙂
    much love from Malaysia

  6. Hey guys, I'm just a guy who payed 620 euros for his lap top and is running Fortnite on the lowest possible settings with a average 40 fps

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