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  1. How long until he joins Jessica Price to talk about how gamers harass people from the video-game industry, I mean, two egomaniacs that did horrible things, got called out and instead of doing anything near to self-improvement they decided to use "people are being very mean to me, im receiving lots of threats" and end up never learning from their blatant mistakes, its a match made in hell.

  2. "It was not at all intentional… I was never supposed to get caught! Who could've imagined people were still checking out IGN game reviews; certainly not me." lol >.<

  3. Since when do people watch the entirety of an ign review? Everyone skips to score because that's the only thing that god damn matters

  4. "I want to probe to you that I can be better… better than I ever was before" wow his humbleness surprises me…………….

  5. This video is Retarded and pointless. Whats your point? because there is none, you just showed some cuts of his videos and? You are talking to yourself

  6. A surprise to literally nobody. If you thought this kind of stuff is out of the ordinary, then you're sorely mistaken. It's all around us, and in all other industries.
    This particular case is small fry in the grand scheme of things; I have no idea why people are making such a big deal out of it.

    Plagiarism is standard business practice by now, however bad it is…

  7. Filip no longer has a career in Games Journalism. No one will ever take any line of dialog of his as literal fact and all he had to do was apologize and confess to his sins and he would have been forgiven but no he just had to play the victim card and is essentially saying that the whole world is against him and that everyone is just bullying him when in that line of work your name is on the front line especially when you work( HAD WORKED) for IGN so you should be prepared and experienced in handling Constructive Criticism but he clearly shows he is incapable of handling himself under pressure and I just wonder just how far back does his plagiarism go. Maybe all the way back to the start of his Youtube Channel.

  8. I can understand that what this guy did is plagiarism, but when I do my own videos, it's just me giving my opinion about issue xyz, usually from info that was garnered from the videos of others. Granted, everything I'm saying is basically my own POV, and done in my own words, but the information is still a composite, and my own personal take on it. My question though is at what point does giving your own opinion, that was built upon the backs of other videos, cross the line into plagiarism? Granted my channel is smaller than a decimal, but let's not go burning any bridges now.

  9. not to be that guy but its my experience that most people that review games tend to say they like the same things about the game its really hard to say you like x mechanic for x reason if you look hard enough I bet someone could find a comparison to almost every other review maybe its just me but I think people are making a bigger deal out of this then it needs to be

  10. If he was going to use Boomstick as a resource he should have cited him since he reviewed it first and this guy figured he could be lazy and steal the work of someone else. Sucking the dev's cock trying to get in good with them is a career move. He's shallow and lame. Don't worry about it, he's black listed.

  11. My bf says that it's fine to steal other's people arguments and whole reviews because plagiarism means stealing of someone СREATIVE work, like something totally new and valuable, while reviews are just creators' opinions, ideas and thoughts,which apperently are not new or valuable. I honestly couldn't debunk that.

    There was a guy named "Культас", a Russian cartoon reviewer who stole IHE's review of Sing. He presented every argument that was in IHE's review, he even did the same joke with "count how much aligators there is". Not only that, but he prolonged it to, like, three videos, the third one talking about how Sally from Monster Inc. had much more thoughts put in his design, which was one of the points presented in IHE's review. Lastly, he showed in his video the search result for Sing, which shows that he WATCHED IHE's review! I just can't believe he got away with it!

  12. Sorry dude but if he admits to plagiarism his career and livelyhood would be all but over. He would be less hated if he admitted but his career would be in a slightly worse state than now. Though both options are terrible and he most likely will never be associated with another big publication no matter what he chose.

    There is no redemption for him no matter what he did.

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