Filip Miucin (Formerly of IGN) Responds to Switch Review Scandal

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  1. Additional thoughts, and I hope Filip sees this:

    Dear Filip,

    While I do give some advice in this video, there are some things I think everyone would like to you do: actually explain your side of the story. You said that your review process is exactly like everyone elses, so explain it. Go into detail what you did in the lead up to publishing that review. Transparency is key here. I have made many mistakes in my life reporting on things, even on this channel just today. But owning up to those mistakes and how they happened is key not just for your public perception, but for personal growth again. You're not going to learn to avoid mistakes in the future if you can't admit you made them in the first place.

    I wish you luck in your future endeavors, because you're going to need it if it happens to involve making videos.

  2. Its not the first time he did it its the first time he was caught. He got bold and sloppy. No one noticed before but this time they did. No tears for this turd.

  3. I don't understand why people are so obsessed with wanting people to admit guilt. Whether or not he admits what he did, he is still fired and will never be trusted again as a reviewer. Admitting wrongdoing or not admitting it doesn't change anything. I think people just sadistically like to watch other people grovel.

  4. Here's my thoughts. If you are writing a review, it's your own personal opinion. I wouldn't in this case look to other sources. Doing that can influence your own review. So if we are to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he didn't mean to do it, then this shows that researcher other's opinions can influence your own. You'll start using the same type of language that you researched. Don't listen to anyone else until your review is out the door.

  5. Even if you watch/read someone else's review before writing your own and agree with some points, still you would say about them differently, in different order, using different words etc.
    In his "review" there are long sentences which are the same (word for word) as sentences in Boomsticks review. Come on, its not possible to do it unintentionally.

  6. Maybe if it was the one review he plagiarized he could be forgiven and be given a second chance.

    But there are multiple cases of this scumbag stealing other peoples work now. He deserves everything he gets

  7. Your video thumbnail was click bait. You made it seem as though fillip was talking on your video making his response.  That's just shady man that's now how you want to build a community. It will just be full of toxic people that were duped into clicking on your videos.

  8. As a Nintendo fan community we should all come together and make sure we do nothing to support Fillip in and career in content 'creation' (or rather plagiarisation) from here on out. Instead we should support the creators who actually put effort into their work and dont leech of of others.
    He had his chance and he blew it.

  9. LMAO he deleted the video! Damn, Filip, I really liked your content in the past and hoped you'd grow past this, but this is just getting sad

  10. Wait…a review is rather simple. You have the product right in front of you. You use the product. You explain if it’s good or not.

    What kind of research and resources do you need? Looking at opinions when you are formulating your own just muddies your own, possibly leading to something like what just happened.

    This guy needs to either rethink his criticism process…or rethink what he actually wants to do.

  11. Give Philip a break, truth is he was partying too hard and at the last minute he was doing blow at 3 in the am and was like 'oh shit, I gotta write a review'. So he did what he gotta do. Its not easy living the rock star life, it's sad but don't hate the player hate the game. This is the fault of IGN obviously.

  12. Fuckin child. Deleting his old video with all the hate on it… uhh god he is just making things worse for himself, making himself look like a little baby. His gaming review days are over. Theif.

  13. As you said, how can one not know they plagiarized, his biggest problem is this is the second time he has been accused of such an action. Once a mistake maybe but twice I don't think so.

  14. No… what Filip is saying is that there was more than just one person involved in this incident. He says he was the editorial in this review therefore he takes ultimate responsibility. But he doesn't throw people under the bus by mentioning names of those involved other than him.
    He also says that the review process has always remained the same and he was simply following the formula. Meaning, these so-called reviewers probably use interns or assistants to do much of the research and possibly even much of the gaming.
    Sounds to me like… and I'm not saying I totally believe it… but Filip may have had some help in writing the review. And didnt know that it was plagiarized.

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