We Happy Few Review

Here’s our full review of We Happy Few, a drug fueled game based in Britain that might just bring you a lot of joy… if you know what I mean. Subscribe to GR+ …


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  1. bad game in ps4 infinity of errors, eternal load times, reach a mission, the goal is not to float (mafia3 style) and especially the error ce-34878-0 that always gives me that the saved games are damaged

  2. And Microsofts professional experience had them purchase this developer, quality first-party titles for a lacking first-party exclusives. Hahaha! Oh Microsoft. Even Ninja Theory is lacking. Your producers do make a difference I've learned, and Microsoft pales in comparison to the competition. A sign of things to come Xbox exclusive owners, I'm sorry…. Reviews for this game overall have sacked. 6/10. Oh, someone at IGN are gonna plagiarize your review, look out!

  3. This game is strangely brilliant. I sat down at 7oclock to play today for an hour or so and when i looked up it was 1130

    The comat isnt great but the story and lore more than make up for it. Im nearing the end of arthurs game and im stopping to read every note i find.
    Content wise i would have been satisfied with just arthurs campaign. They have outdone themselves here.

    I need to know what the germans plan was. Im slowly piecing it together through missions, flashbacks and notes and it is fascinating

  4. It’s meh for me. I rented and and very happy I didn’t buy. I’m not too far yet but I’m just not into it I guess. Don’t like the combat.

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