Crypto Markets Crash & US Dollar Scam – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Markets continue to get savaged, Saudi comes down on Bitcoin, USD is a scam, fiat is a scam, Bitmain Cash dramas, and Nebulas.

Bitcoin Saudi

Szabo ETF

Nick Szabo: Bitcoin ETF ‘Might Cause More Problems Than It’s Worth’

Hedge Funds

Crypto Hedge Funds Launching at ‘Surprising’ Record Pace in 2018



‘We Couldn’t Get Any Foreign Currency’ – Turkey’s Capital Controls Show Why Bitcoin Exists

Bitcoin Cash Bug





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  2. "wall street is not our friend" …. perfect. In everyone's desperation to see a moonshot the purpose of what BTC was meant to be got WAY lost in the sauce.

  3. Thanks Mr Lark for the work you do.. To those that wish to know how US $ are created, may i suggest you check out, Mike Maloneys' " Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 4 – The Biggest Scam.." he gives a simple explanation of a complex shell game IMHO.. once you know how the game is played/rigged your less likely to be screwed by it..

  4. We all need to do our part. I work at del taco. Fast food is something I thought I would never go back in. But I need more spending power. So I'm working lots of hours and placing 25% of my check into Bitcoin and pot stocks. I been a hodler for almost two years and it's been very hard. I never will be shooken out though. It's not about the value it's about how blockchain can change the world.

  5. Crypto will have mass adoption in the future, the technologies in the past proves it.In the end, the tech savvy people investing in crypto now (<1% of the world) will be the biggest winners in the next decade.Trading crypto needs to be understood, if we talk about the signals and how to place our trades right, I've made a lot of losses from the start but I still got the courage to work hard on it, Getting to know Mr Charles who showed me how to place my trades right, he made me smile and be proud of my earnings.​ What a great Mentor ,a man with vast knowledge in crypto.​ He is reliable, honest, consistent and very experienced, contact him at charlesgarry95@ gmail .com Telegram +1(631)620-6929

  6. Just because the Nebulas' founders believe in their project doesn't mean it's going to be successful. Many founders of dead coins believed in their projects too…I say why does blockchain need a google?…answer: it doesn't.

  7. I agree with Lark on the Nick SZABO article. Be careful what you wish for. Wallstreet could so easily manipulate the whole market simply through bitcoin. We know how much the price of bitcoin affects the entire alt industry. Also for traders, listen to Chris Dunn who got out of trading stocks because he simply couldn't complete with Wallstreet at a certain point. Crypto trading is still possible ( despite the bots ) but for how long, who knows. Regardless Wallstreet is coming because money is to be made so its more of a matter of when not if, and the more Wallstreet gets involved, the more regulators will get involved.. This all started as an experiment in decentralized money but my guess is the idealism we see today, which I saw with the Internet in 1994, and Open Source movement in the late 90's, and now Crypto will eventually just become part of the fabric of society. Sir Tim isn't so happy with what's happened to the World Wide Web, and I suspect Satoshi will feel the same about Crypto at some point. I'm just glad I had the opportunity to experience total financial unregulated anarchy in 2016/2017. Despite the chaos, the scammers, and uncertainty, it was exciting. Its feels less so today and everything from ICO's to project development is 'growing up' and maturing. Many of the hackers full of idealism will be the millionaires tomorrow. Enjoy this time. It is one of those rare special moments.

  8. What's the reason for the crypto crap ICO's crash? The snowflakes ? people and Muppets are broke, they can no longer support the Ponzi scheme!

  9. if you haven't noticed, all non-crypto markets are about to crash big too.  stocks, real estate, banks, student loans..  all at astronomical levels…  

    if everyone holds crypto while everything else crashes… they are going to get desperate for money when they are laid off from jobs and are up to their eyeballs in high mortgages and student debt.

  10. Love the info. Thanks for reminding everyone about the onslaught of new crypto hedge funds. Seeing that number (>400 this year) helps keep me confident.

  11. Australia has castrated itself and 'taken a powder' and as such we have to watch them degrade and go extinct. It was a 'good run', though… Australia has been led astray and now they will pay. Look at South Africa! Australia is next…

    You will not have children and if you do they will surrender their will to The State. They will rape their Mothers and they will kill Fathers in their sleep…How do I know this? I am a student of History…

  12. When a person adds to their portfolio at these prices it will assure the date you can start selling yours for fiat profit comes many weeks sooner. Think about that for awhile…Sometimes the simplest things are not understood because we are 'living in the woods' and no one can find the firelight for the trees…

  13. “…when you’re using fiat currency and you’re using banks you do not control your money. It’s the equivalent of not having your private keys…” — Most important statement made on Earth 2018

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