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  1. i decided to get this for my phone as i text and and facebook a lot and im very pleased with it thanks to this video for reinforcing my purchase i miss when phones had keyboards built in needs to be a law requiring that

  2. so what's the word from people who've actually used this Windows 10? Is it consistent ? Does the connection drop? Laggy? Does the distance from your computer matter? etc.

  3. Wow I have the exact same keyboard and was equally impressed by it.

    I used it with an android box, then I realised, fuck the android box, full computing power on my TV with my laptop hooked up and this baby!

  4. ive had one of these devices for years, the logitech denovo mini and its awesome, im actually writing this message with it now . my laptop stays hooked up to a large TV as a media device. but ovr the years its taken a beating and some keys have trouble registering and am looking for a replacement, but really needs to have backlit keys aswell

  5. That's cool. I bought this around or before you reviewed it. I paid $20 and it has never let me down. Battery is still perfectly good and I get about 2 weeks before I need to recharge it. I use it with my HP Entertainment laptop for Netflix, YouTube and Putlocker. Well worth the money.

  6. any idea how to make android 7 recognize this as a primary input? i got a problem entering text after switching to alternate layout. nothing appears in the input box.

  7. Looks good, but, I'd like to know if it works for 1st person shooters or other pc games that use mouse and keyboard without feeling too weird or awkward.

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