The unfortunate part about this mishap is that Huawei is making some of the best smartphone cameras on the market including the one I’m currently enjoying on …


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  1. The unfortunate part about this is fact that Huawei is producing some of the best smartphone cameras on the market. I'm currently enjoying the P20 Pro and one of the main reasons is the amazing camera. I'll have a comprehensive follow up for the P20 Pro coming soon.

  2. Love unbox therapy but Lew should be honest and let the audience know that he is getting paid by Huawei. Like he said, "don't believe everything you see".. this channel included

  3. Dxomark is trash. I have a dslr and a pixel 2 and literally there is no comparison btw the photos but the pixel 2 has a higher dxomark like 20 points ??

  4. That Actress is Egyptian … I think Hwauei could have gotten away with it , cuz in the Middle East " Advertising" is a joke and totally fakes people …
    BTWs … I'm from there myself , that's why I think Hwauei really wanted to cheat off customers and let it slip

  5. Seem the advert when it was on tv to be honest didn't believe it, was like "pfffft as if" there's also a video of oukitel using the phones to hammer nails into wood screen first, there was a light jump cut between the last hit of the nail to showing the screen,

  6. Apple slows down your iPhone for better battery performance "Apple is the worst company ever! they are deceiving you! "
    huawei uses a DSRL and tries to make it look like their phone takes pictures like that" yes, it is a good phone that makes about such pictures. so it's all good "

    annnnd your bank account is filled up again! Good work man

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