Why I don’t watch MKBHD – Marques Brownlee

I’m going to tell you why I don’t watch MKBHD. He’s a great youtuber but I just can’t seem to enjoy him. Check out why. Check out MKBHD …


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  1. I don’t watch mkbhd because he’s a Google fanboy. Or sponsored by Google. He NEVER says anything bad about Google. He doesn’t have the balls to say NO to Google. He’s a big P when it comes to exposing Google.

  2. Great video. MKBHD is one of the best of what he does. He's more of a tech influencer than a reviewer. He made more moves and breaking stupid stereotypes as well. The best reviewer is obviously Floss.

  3. This is always going to be subjective. To me, the main thing you all have is a drive to put yourselves front and center and give your opinion, consequences be damned. I really respect that. The rest of us… You are ALL savages!!!

  4. There are some YouTubers whose personality can carry the video even if the product being reviewed would not normally be of interest to me. Flossy Carter does that, with his inimitable style (though, admittedly, I may draw the line at phone case reviews) . I enjoy MKBHD, and I'm one of his 6m+ subscribers, but if he wasn't reviewing something of interest, I do skip his uploads.

  5. Totally disagree. MKBHD is the best because he innovates and has the best eye for quality tech which is applicable for everyday use. The guy is funny when he wants to be, but doesn't have to be. His videos are just outright entertaining. On so many levels.

    Flossy on the other hand, is the exact opposite. All the guy wants is top tiered specs, and boasts a lot of nonsense. It gets stale quickly. Flossy makes tech unrelatable. MKBHD usually makes it applicable and useful, if not insightful. Especially in the phone arena.


  6. I think once a reviewer is swimming in cash and even gets the latest stuff given to them then it's hard to trust an opinion.

    As for this Casey chap I couldn't give two hoots for his opinion, he's to busy living in his own super star existence lol

  7. He is a paid reviewer, he did a rereview of D2D review of 2018 macbook and called it good though apple themselves have admitted the fault and was on it working

  8. I love MKBHD! I can't say I watch all his videos. I can only watch so many videos on cell phones (Just like me, how many videos can I do on bluetooth trackers, lol) but he is paving the way for so many new areas of tech. Hands down, he is the BEST TECH YOUTUBER!

  9. God please give opinion on Austin Evans… Lol

    I completely agree. I think the last time I watched Marques was just before bed. The same time slot for golden girls. Well done, doesn't offend anyone, and monotone.

    Such a Casey thing to say, very political (which is another reason I don't watch him; social climbing)

  10. That's bad Travis, when someone with only 300 dollars to spend comes to you for an opinion because they can't make up their minds, it's all on your conscience if they lose those 300 dollars because you're in too deep and biased. It can't happen to me but some people are very naive and will believe the people they've raised on a pedestal. I've told you before I prefer you and guys like Jefe, jimmy is Promo, sakitech .and Tech with Bett and TechTalk..the last one is like the CIA of tech lol The average consumer wants it short and to the point…am i getting my money's worth?

  11. Thanks for keeping it ? Travis! Marques is awesome but he's definitely not everyone's cup of tea. And that's perfectly okay. I like and respect him as well. But I only watch some of his content. Mostly the cutting edge tech stuff. I get my cell phone reviews from other creators. Awesome video Travis!

  12. I used to watch him and he felt a little 'off" to me. Once he got himself into a jam and another Youtuber had to haul his coals out of the fire. Look Travis I've been on this earth a while and I'm not easily influenced….it's actually the other way round…i kinda have a mindf my own and it's difficult to convince me. So people follow him…he's too aloof and he's too invested now to give an honest opinion…which is really becoming an issue now in the tech community. He's more concerend about his viewership than his viewers.

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