Top 7 Best Quality Soundbars That Kick Bass | Best Soundbars Review

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A soundbar is a great way to upgrade your TV audio and get cinema-style audio in your home andliving room. The best soundbars today offer minimalist style, …


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  1. Does a Sound bar having more Channels make it the best? What's the difference between a 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, and 9.1 Channel Sound bar? Which one should I get?

  2. Hello, i was thinking of the Bose solo 5, because i have a small room(4m wide, 3m long) It has 2 speakers in it so its 2.1 right? I don't really understand those things yet. Is it a good soundbar for a 40inch tv and for my room? if not i would like a other option 🙂

  3. I had a lg sound bar a pioneer son d bar and a hose sound bar I e red up with the definitive tech sound bar it is fantastic the hose was also really nice but it kept cutting out from my lg oled I had two they both did the same thing so I gave up but the Def tech with micro studio is really a great sound bar in my oppion better than the hose for movies maybe not music though…

  4. best sound bar ive heard is with out doubt the (dolby atmos) samsung hw-k 950 problem is its £1300 pounds, but the atmos sound is unreal, and i mean like epic good, yamaha ysp5600, lg sj9, and sony ht-st5000 all also (dolby atmos) are also very good but lack of upward firing dolby atmos rear speakers lets them all down in comparison to the samsung hw-k 950 from a surround sound/dolby atmos perspective, honestly has to be heard to be believed how good these high end atmos setups are!!!
    Im very well equipped to form these opinions as ive heard them all many many times, i work in an audio shop, i understand that all these setups are over £1000 pounds so wont appeal to everyone, but these are 4 that i would say are the best with the samsung hw-k 950 being the best due to the rear speakers,

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