Joe Rogan – Marques Brownlee Explains Ultimate Frisby

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1186:


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  1. Update: In 2018 (when this video was released), Marques was on the NY Empire, who went to the national championship game and lost.
    In 2019, the team went undefeated, and won the national championship. Oh yeah, and Marques' layout in the final became the signature play of the AUDL, and has been colloquially referred to as "The Logo" because of how iconic it instantly became, and because of several not-too-successful playful attempts to get the AUDL to use that layout as their logo. (Link below)
    The 2020 season was canceled due to COVID.
    The NY Empire have now qualified for post-season play in 2021, and have their final game of the regular season against Boston (in Boston) this Sunday.
    Marques has played nearly every defensive point since then, and has become the Empire's go-to player for pulls (like kick-offs after points have been scored).
    "The Logo":

  2. Great video! We went to see Marques last night's game against the Philly Phoenix. Great game Marques! YOU are the best Ultimate Frisbee player!!!

  3. Dude his reaction though. I love ultimate and you just have to get used to seeing people just not know what ultimate is. It’s somewhat frustrating, but man I really hope the sport grows!

  4. Ultimate is awesome. If your school has an ultimate team, please join it (even if you don't even know how to throw or catch). Ultimate is one of the only sports to have self-advocacy and self-integrity (players act as their own refs). Everyone in the ultimate community is awesome and nice (which is encouraged by Spirit of the Game). And if your school doesn't have an ultimate team, you should make one! I was lucky enough to have 3 of my middle school teachers be pro ultimate players.

  5. Was in Central Park NY about 10 years ago with 2 of my friends and we were absolutely dying with hangovers. A couple of dudes asked us if we were up for a game of "ultimate", we never heard of the sport but we accepted their request once they explained the rules. After a few minutes getting used to throwing the frisbee it was game on. 5v5 in a pretty long pitch. After about 2minutes I thought I was gonna die from a heart attack. Its genuinely tough. Closest sport to it that I had played before would be Rugby7s. It's just sprinting, throwing and catching but it's pretty tactical too. Not a bad sport but you'd need to be very fit to play it…and not being so hungover that it makes you puke.

  6. Ultimate is one of the most fun sports to play. I've been playing it since my first year of junior high for Break Force.

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