Spider-Man PS4 Review – The Best Spider-Man Game of All Time?

Some persistent issues might hold Spider-Man back from the incredible heights many were hoping it would touch, but a strong core, a great love and respect for …


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  1. Game review channels fascinates me. Especially the comment "dull story"… Funny enough various reviews on YouTube praised 'The Last of Us' for it's main campaign, which the game overall plot was a simple & dull zombie apocalypse setting. Good game, but 10/10 worthy? Nah

  2. You seem really bad at combat and webswinging it just doesn’t seem that fluid compared to everybody else I’ve watched reviewing this game maybe this is why you didn’t enjoy it. That part when you were fighting in that unfinished building you stood in the open just kicking thin air more than one lol

  3. The tone of the guy that reviews the game is very negative. Still he gives it an 8, (which is good) while he sounds like he want to give it an 6.5 to a 7. This is a weird review. Can't wait to make my own judgement this Friday:)

  4. Short simple answer….. YES it is.
    Sorry if you weren’t very good at the game but don’t let that criticize how the game is. Just because you’re bad doesn’t mean it’s a bad game ?

  5. Honestly I disliked, it's obvious that you are VERY bad at the game and are just using the same moves over and over… Yet you think you have the authority to comment on the combat and movements lack of depth

  6. It’s ok so far and starts a little slow been playing for a couple hours and nothing really important happened yet, fighting Fisk is the first thing you do after that it’s electro and a bunch of mini side quest options for making upgrades and suits

  7. I’m looking at this combat gameplay and the player really isn’t utilizing any of the cool techniques of combat in this game like the gadgets or any of the web strikes. No wonder the reviewer found the combat monotonous, he barely scratched the surface of how versatile the combat actually is.

  8. Man i really wish you didnt show story gameplay. I mean i respect your opinion but your kind of a dick for spoiling certain scenes without telling us. Please be curtious next time.

  9. Think I might find myself wearing either 2099/2100 suit or the insomniac advanced suit, I love the white spider idk y ppl hate

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