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  1. I hate how this chick always runs videos by talking about Illumination in a specific spot and light not matching and breaking the illusion it's a game it's not perfect get over it

  2. If they remaster Arkham Origins they have to fix the graphics and glitches as well as enhance them. They should also (because he’s a younger and unhinged Batman) make the impact of his hits and his stealth be more like Azrael from Arkham Knight. Because he is younger he should hit harder and faster without regard for finesse.

  3. Gives the originals a 9.5 and .3 but this only a 7 due to graphics?this generation of gamers?like seriously do you want to play a game or just watch one?

  4. does anyone know if the ps3 versions have lag? i dont really care about the graphics, but the games on sale this week on the psn. and i wanna pick up the ones that play the best

  5. Everybody always compares IGN review scores to each other, y'all do realize IGN has a bunch of different reviewers right? The person reviewing the latest Call of Duty isn't necessarily the one reviewing the newest Pokémon game. It makes no sense to compare 2 scores and say "IGN gave this an 8, but gave this is 7.9? Wtf!!!"

  6. I got it just the other day, and you're much better off playing the originals, rather than these. I mean, I don't regret buying it. It's just that I would have waited until the PS5 or later, when you really could have done some work.

  7. I mean… it still looks good?? I don't have a current gen console and I own a 360. I do have Asylum, City and Origins, for some gosh darn reason, I like Origins more than Asylum and City.. am I going mad? Am I insane? Cuz Asylum and City are truly the best ones! But why origins??? Idk, I just like it. I wish it was remastered too

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