Marvel’s Spider-Man Review

A spectacular cinematic presentation and sensational core mechanics help Insomniac’s take on a Spider-Man game shine, in spite of some unimaginative …


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  1. Thanks for spoiling a major character reveal. Smh. A spoiler warning would’ve been nice or idk maybe reviewing the footage you’re going to use for spoilers before posting it.

  2. Doctor Octupus is the main villain. Aunt May dies in the end. Tombstone and Taskmaster are side villains. Silver sable is introduced but no boss battle with her. Bosses in order of story are Kingpin, Shocker, Mr. Negative, Electro + Vulture, Rhino + Scorpion, Mr Negative again, Doc Ock. Miles gets bitten towards the end of the game. Symbiotes are teased for the next game. Green Goblin is not in it but heavily mentioned. Peter does not die in this game.

  3. I honestly didn't know Gamespot still existed. This is the first video I've seen like in 7 years. Ign always pops up in my feed, but God I miss gamspot

  4. …. can we become spiderman whenever we want ? like while walking in the street and sense crime, and hoooyahhh we change to spiderman … can we ? its will awesome.

  5. My dilemma is I’ve already played Arkham and the mechanics here are identical with basically just a reskin. I was very excited to buy this until I saw the combat. I thought ‘I’ve already played this’ in Batman Arkham. The graphics look too cartoonish and degraded also. I’m just not keen to buy a game I’ve already played with another skin.

  6. Can't wait to play it. It looks absolutely incredible. Gameplay for a game like Spiderman is the most important feature and can make or break a game. Look at Breath of the Wild which basically had no story.

  7. It doesn’t matter if they put a spoiler tag at the beginning. The whole point of companies getting the games early is so that they can tell us what’s good and bad about the game and whether or not we should buy it. There is absolutely no reason to include something like those spoilers in a game that hasn’t even dropped yet. That’s how you lose viewership. You lose the audience’s trust. I’m not watching anymore Gamespot reviews after being spoiled on my favorite Spidey villain and what looks like my favorite scene from my favorite movie. It’s my own fault for watching the video, but why should the viewer ever feel at fault for wanting to see a good review about a game they are excited for? This trend of allowing spoilers before people have a chance to play it for themselves has got to stop.

  8. Can you please make sure the person speaking takes the marbles out of his mouth next time. I'm not speaking of their accent I'm speaking of their DICTION and VOICE INFLECTION and PACING w/ is all over the place and out of context. They need more practice before you put them on a AAA game review video.

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