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  1. BTW – I have to say straight away; those monitors are the Yamaha HS 80 M's (white finish obviously)… How do I know that? I have the black cabinets… I've been producing D&B (Drum & Bass) on them since 2005…. One of the biggest names in this music scene (DNB that is) Mr Mark Caro aka Technical Itch aka Tech Itch told me to get them; settle for nothing less! So I picked them up from guitar center for $350 a piece and NEVER looked back. They are ABSOLUTELY phenomenal studio monitors. I have NO other tower speakers or larger Stereo system speakers at all. There's simply no need. I produce music on them. Mix & Master on them. Spin Rekidz (records lol) on them, and use them to listen to all music as well. I cannot say enough about how FANTASTIC they are.

    And I know this was posted in early 2017, and I've watched Lew / Unbox Therapy here and there since the iPhone bend test video, but I just recently a few months ago finally started to binge watch your episodes…. With over, what? 1300 or 1500 videos posted or some rediculous amount, it's taking a while to get through them, ?

    Just wanted to point out those monitors because I didn't notice any other comments about them, at least not at first glance.

    Love the channel and how you've progressed in format & style (and flamboyancy) over the years. Congrats to you on the success of the channel and everything. Hopefully you actually come across this comment at some point.



  2. *important* I need everyone's help right now they should make another channel called music therapy with nothing but brats, jams, grooves lew I'm giving you a boomin idea you might want to take me up on this everybody like this comment and comment this on other videos so he can see it

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