BITCOIN PRICE IS MORE RELIABLE IN 2018 – HERE’S WHY! [Cryptocurrency | Altcoin News]

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Ripple CEO: ‘I Don’t Think We’re Going to Be Buying Coffee at Starbucks With Bitcoin or XRP Anytime Soon’

Ripple CEO: ‘I Don’t Think We’re Going to Be Buying Coffee at Starbucks With Bitcoin or XRP Anytime Soon’


Bitcoin Price is More Reliable in 2018, Says SFOX Exec

New Crypto Investors Should Ignore Volatility, Hold for Five Years’: Charlie Shrem

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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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  3. I actually really do not want to see widespread merchant adoption of bitcoin – this would create constant downward selling pressure because merchants have to convert their bitcoin into fiat currency to restock inventory, pay rent, employees, etc. Bitcoin as a store of value is its number one value proposition, and merchant adoption hurts that

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  5. Fiat currencies work just fine as long as you don’t mind the government constantly pouring water into your beer by just printing more money. I mean, would you buy a crypto currency that was centrally controlled and where the operator could just create as many coins as he liked in his own wallet?

  6. I stayed to to the end. In fact the latter part of the video was the most interesting. Btw, after Charlie Shrem got out of prison he asked for funding from the Dash network to develop a dash/fiat debit card. He took the money but did not deliver the project. Just saying.

  7. check out Quant Network please. extremely undervalued and hasnt hit any main exchanges yet, only on idex. extremely good project and the team is stacked!!!!!

  8. I always stay to end of your vids I find your vids very valuable and you guys seem to brake it down so easy and yeah it's great to listen too. Personally I'm invested for the long haul for me and my children, Sydney is already too expensive to live in and it ain't getting any cheaper plus our poli's have no clue what there doing lol PS when bull run cones I might have to take some profit also ?

  9. I liked the video til the end. Im from argentina, so our currency Is highly volatile so im trying to learn as much as i can, and ur videos really help… Im waiting to the next Run, investing every month certain amount im willing to lose… And when the bull Run, get some 60/70% of investment leave the rest and Start the whole investing process again…

  10. He is a bad guy cuz he literally broke the law and went to jail so I'm not going to take advice from a guy that shady crypto is probably one of those few markets that you should check frequently because it can Moon and you might miss it the volatility actually works both ways up and down whether you want to hold long-term or short-term

  11. Great video as always. Stayed until the end. I think first the market overview and then news or observations is a pretty good format for daily videos. Please keep it up!

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  13. This is not FUD ..a BTC sell off is imminent. wait and you can buy more with the money you are about to use. this applies also for all altcoins

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