Destiny 2: Forsaken Review in Progress Conversation (Updated)

We’ve played enough of Forsaken that we feel like we can score it, but the Raid is on the horizon. Read the full review here …


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  1. ive been playing d 2 the basic edition from ps plus, i have played and decoded engrams in eververse, but they gave me this cool armor, but all of them have been 10 instead of 200 or more, does anyone know why? is it because i dont have the expansions?

  2. Not quite sure why people are complaining about them taking their time to do a proper final review of this dlc. If you don't remember, let me recall your memory from the D2 reviews that basically flooded over with positive reviews only to burn in the aftermath of dissapointment when the end game started. Reviewers jumped the gun on D2 and it seems that most have learned from that and now WAIT AND TAKES THEIR TIME with the game before giving their final score. I am in no rush to play it so i will patiently wait to see the reviews on this dlc from the reviewers i "trust" when it comes to this game…then if it turns out positive i'll buy it for xmas on sale.

  3. I hate how biased everything sounds, the game went back to the level it should have started, all the game changing mechanics were from the last game after all the updates, IGN completely missing the point of the review

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