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With the market dropping…is now a good time to invest? Let me tell you how I would spend $1000 if I was new to the crypto space today and I had never invested before.

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***NOT financial advice. Just entertainment. Do your own research.

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  1. i have a story about bitcoin, 8 months ago my friends boyfriend was telling me how he made like 7 thousand dollars in like a week off bitcoin, i had no knowledge about what it was but heard about it and he told me if i put like a thousand dollars in i could make like 3 times my profit and kept telling my friend about it and she didnt do it but i looked it up later that day, i forgot what day it was but it was like early January and so i went home after school one day and put in some college money i had saved up to see this and i TRUSTED this guy with my money. made an account on an app coinbase and threw in 1500 dollars. i saw it went up to 1550 in 1 night and i actually got so happy and he told me to keep holding it and it will go up and to not look at it. im not making this shit up, i said "okay i wont" and was very skeptical if it was going to go down because i know that investing can turn bad. later that week i opened my account and saw i was negative like 400 so now i was at nearly $1000. i lost almost $400 in a week. Ever since then he told me to keep holding onto it since my parents were helping me pay for college i just held onto it and never sold it till this week about 9 months later and now my $1500 investment is at just below $400. I cant believe how stupid i was to do this, i guess im one of those ignorant investors that didnt know much. I cant even pay for a used car right now and have started college and could have used that money to buy a car to get to my classes, i use my moms car because of this and havent talked to this guy in almost 2 months and told my friend that he's such an asshole for doing this to me. you live and you learn i guess, its not necessary but since this total loss of money that could have been prevented if I wasnt so gullable earlier in the year, if somebody would like to help me out just a small bit that would be so appreciated. I just wish I never got into this if I knew how bad it was going to drop. I just opened my Coinbase for the first time in over a month and sold out because it just keeps dropping and I cant take it anymore. I figured if I ask the community for some help and sypothsize with me you guys could help me out. I just figured out I have a bitcoin wallet connected to my account and im not sure if this is where people send money too but ill give it a shot. Thank you guys and good luck and be safe with bitcoin. Much love, I might get into it later down the line if I hear good things about it soon. 1B5ArCpazzjkbUtxTaUH4BmHHejXxU8gwq

  2. Great Video Man, I'm with you with 4 that you choose. For me, 70% BTC, 15%Cardano, 15% VeChain. I also think # 164 Crypterium is a Great Project and Coin. Took All my money out twice and It Paid Off Big Time, Now I have more money to buy, especially when it's going to GO LOWER, it's still a Bears Market and they will manipulate the market until the Big Money is Ready to come in, Peace&Love.

  3. Buy and hold $metm at 158sats, atomic swap exchange launch by end September, 200m total supply, marketcap $358,000. , trading on mercatox, latoken, idex. Possible 20x from here! Paid groups accumulating

  4. Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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  5. can you believe this guy and the other guy before this that quit on this channel just leaving his son? screaming ala Alex Jones. he pretends to know more than buterin or Tom Lee that sold all his crypto while the highs. UNSUB!

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  7. Hi, nice contents. Could you make a video explaining how schemes like freewallet and atomic wallet are acting illegally as ETFs… and how they hold custody of investors ' coins in exchange of a "virtual promissary note" and de facto trapping your coins when they have no liquidity to give them back to you, making withdrawls quasi impossible.

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