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  1. Tried DOW 3 and I'm about to uninstall it, It's like a university student project. I felt like this should be even DOW 0 beta (before the first one). I think DOW 2 is still the best in my mind. I want the same develop team back to make my DOW 4!!!!!

  2. I want the Dev's to expand the game like what they did on the first Dawn of war, like how they slowly added factions, new units and the new campaign mode like Dark Crusade had, if they did this I'll be more than happy to buy their game. This is just my opinion tho.

  3. It felt even longer because they don't have autosave…
    I disagree it felt longer because resource collection was so slow.

    Saying that actually a fair review by IGN. Brought up most of what I felt about DoW III. Though the high level of micro means I would have given it a lower score.

  4. Honestly just add a retreat/reinforce button, re-engineer cover system, update unit cards and that would probably fix this game somewhat

    I also need more gamemodes

  5. TL;DR of this review:

    1. There is a lot of micromanagement
    2. You have to manually save the game
    3. There is menu upon menu for complex hero level progression. It may overwhelm a new player
    4. Dan Stapleton didn't feel comfortable with any of the factions until the tail end of the singleplayer
    5. There is only one mode for multiplayer with few maps, not a lot of variety

    7.6 It's ok.

  6. Hermi on Steam Reviews put it perfectly.

    "Relic has through many masterpieces developed a peculiar unique sub genre of RTS. We have seen amazing features in their past games, such as:

    -the cover system
    -morale system
    -garrisonable buildings
    -fully destructible enviroment, including the ground
    -♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ sync kills

    and I'm sure I forgot some.


    all the effort and years of mastery throughout various masterpieces has gone into creating this unique and incredibly enjoyable recipe and then suddenly, for this game, they dropped it all.

    Please go back to the old style Relic. If you want the larger scale,maybe make the micro less significant, but do not trash everything that made your games great…


  7. Lesson for all game developers. When you make sequel for a game, DO NOT even dear to try to innovate or something new. Fan players with hate you for it and ultimately leads to bad reviews.

  8. Had I made Dawn if War 3. There would be a cutscene of Isador the Librarian being given another chance by the Chaos Gods and being given the opportunity to get revenge against Gabriel. Isador would be a Chaos sorcerer in this game. My Dawn of War 3 Would have been a Dawn of War 1 style game with the latest CryEngine graphical system.

  9. Great review. I hate it when RTS's go this direction. This is what killed age of empires, messing up base building and economy and making everything waayy to complicated :/ such a shame

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